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My early training was in journalism, but it turned out to be a wicked hard way to earn a living, so I work on computers now. I sublimate my writing urges through writing online reviews and the occasional freelance gig. I really enjoy anime, but I am a man of many interests, so I don't get to watch as much as I'd like.

I have a bad habit of not finishing shows. I'm forever moving on to the next great thing without enjoying all of what I currently have. I'm trying to get better about it, but there's just so much to see!

Likes: Cooking, Movies, Military History, Miniature Wargaming, Role Playing games, Chicago Bears footbal, cats, comics

Dislikes: Seafood, DBZ, Heat, Shoes, Alarm Clocks, Lost, Sienfeld

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tetra Nov 8, 2007

Wow, I just read your top5, and you almost convinced me that shows I do not like are worth watching! Journalism makes sense ;)

wolfangel87 Nov 8, 2007

My focus is really more on ancient history but I am currently writing a paper on women soldiers in the American Civil War and the Scond War War has always been a facination for me, I might take a class about it next quarter.

Kivan Nov 8, 2007

Well I've played a lot of AD&D 2ed, and D&D 3ed...hate the 3.5 :)

Played Vampires The Masqeurade and now playing Vampires the Requiem, in fact, in about 4 hours I'm gonna have a sesssion :) Can't wait :)

And, oh yeah, Fading Suns... that officialy looks a lot like Dune, with noble houses, churches, guilds, backwater planets and planets with awesome technologies, and I like it a looot....

And probably my fav system is Alternity :) 

factualpuddle Nov 7, 2007

i dont like sienfeild either... lol, and what do you do with computers? =] Hellsing is on my top too also. =]

wolfangel87 Nov 6, 2007

I loved watching Cowboy Bebop!!!

Military history is so cool, I am actually a history/classics major and really enjoy learning about all the battles and everything, it is simply amazing just much much time and technology has progressed!