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Was hooked up in 04. Although, I had inadvertently watched a little on tv at the kindergarten age during early 90s. The first was Speed racer. A horrible experience idd. Animatrix was the first, in the sense, that I knew, that it was anime, and enjoyed it too. Practically abandoned anime in april 08, and stopped keeping a close watch during 12, but managed to get acquainted with oodles of titles anyway. Last time I counted, which was in 06, got 700-1000, and that's at least fair among my circle of acquaintances any day. I founded a club(several dozens of members, who gathered few times a week) back in my fan-days, in mid 05. Futhermore, I had continually supplied my own local server, reaching almost 3ters (riffled through all of em too).That was years before HD era came to modernize anime-world.

I am a big sports anime aficionado. Viewed all subbed and even some unsubbed sports shows :).I enjoy WMT, Ga-nime, Japan in the last war-series and almost any realistic and ripe titles as well. Gladly watch arthouse and avant-garde stuff too. I've never seriously learnt japanese; so don't really have much worth watching nowadays. Besides amv of course. That's why I mostly returned to cinema. Nevertheless, I still do prefer qualitative animation regardless of the country origin :).

 Started to actively read manga in late 09 and novellas in 16.

Oh, I've been using AP since the middle of the 07 spring and it helped a lot back then ;). Shocked me, when I found out, that it's even older, than anidb :D. Founded around the middle of 01.

All my TOP5 intricate overviews are long time gone due to some site restoration. And I don't plan on reviving 'em.

Anime stats: Watched are watched. Finished, completely digested, stared at through and through, however you like to put it. I may rarely rewatch or rewind some, but that's just it.

Watching are some ongoing getting translated ones. Quite seldomly a title or so, of those, that I don't feel like finishing in one sitting. The important part here is, these ones are still alive!

Want to watch are mostly upcoming shows, but there may pass by some occasional subbed entries as well.

Stalled represent a speck of the bulk of my wishlist anime. I cannot finish any of these. All of 'em are far from ever getting near completion. Some are supposedly lost. Others can actually be found in raws, which I'm not exactly keen on. There is one more titbit at anidb, but I don't really store my full list anywhere anymore. That's too depressing, and can be easily guessed out without.

Dropped surprise me by the extremely low count, as I'm not that good at careful selection tbn, and usually try all kinds of shows. Even hentai and mecha (check out my genres) can make their appearance on my list. Yep, I won't ever plan on continuing these failings; oh, well, actually there can be exceptions even here.

Won't watch - the product of a long time gone random not marked anime titles button. This isn't the full list of anime, I wouldn't like to watch, but may be called the quick draft, I reckon. Most of the contents are ecchi, oldschool mecha or some shallow mainstream.

Everybody appears frantic about clarifying their TOP-denominations. So here goes:

5 (10)(95-99%) - in no way is this necessary some kind of ultimate masterpiece or any icon of perfection. Merely excellent.

4.5 (9) - jolly good.

4 (8) - good. Denotes the pantheon's end.

3.5 (7) - fine. Quite high still.

3 (6) - satisfactory. As the lowest positive mark, it often takes the lead, but due to the eventual sensation of satiation and the theory of the low quality production of the majority it's the next marks which have their way in the end.

2.5 (5) - quasi satisfactory. Appears below average, but got some pretty strong points nonetheless.

2 (4) - bad. Some more or less decent or even arbitrarily quality stuff may still linger around.

1.5 (3) - sucks big time. Almost unwatchable.

1 (2) - el terrible. The pristine trash level.

0.5 (1)(15-01%) - the only ultimate mark imho. Worse than terrible; pure horror, in other words a totally stillborn product. The grandest achievement.

No matter how complex the process of rating may appear, in a nutshell, it's the synthesis between subjective and objective factors, with the balanced mark as the outcome. The idea and it's realization. The first and foremost condition here is the amount of totally watched versus the real-life experience; simile at the core. To correlate I usually come from the 100point system. I almost never rate something I had watched a long time ago. I may also very rarely put up a grade by 0.5, while revising the list, and realizing, that there is a title, which managed to get so deep of an impression on me, that it won't fade away even after some years passing by. The Most of my current ratings 're outdated and half a star higher than they should be :D.

And this is my trifling supplementary profile: . I'm also jet7 at anidb, where I try to store untranslated stuff only.

P.S. My favourite feature at this site: ;).

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kooltilldend Feb 10, 2011

My criteria for a PVP? I'm not sure but I can tell you that I do a lot of in-depth research before my purchases...I waited over one year before I got my S9 and even longer when I got my Archos 605...PSP doesn't compare against an Archos AT ALL...An Archos has and always will have a better resolution than a PSP given that the whole point of an Archos is to watch movies, play music and so on - uses that are very much secondary to a PSP...believe me, if you had ever used an Archos, you wouldn't make such a comment ever...Also the 605 that I had was very much pocketable...I used to carry it in my Jeans pocket all the time (Jeans would be more comfy but it fits in all pockets with a slight bulge - the S9 fits like butter through a hot knife)...Also Archos itself required some conversion but certainly negligible compared to a PSP which plays nothing other than avi

Yup the first of its kind always throws us off...nowadays the benchmarks are way way higher so its much more difficult to turn people's heads via a simple hardware device

PC games can only be played on a new PSP via emulation...there's no other way because the console isn't made for PC gaming...also porting PC games isn't as easy as say porting a PS3 game simply because of the infrastructure behind the will almost never see PC games ported elsewhere...its always the other consoles ported to PC...the first PSP had tons of exclusives but against nothing compared to a DS...not saying they were ever direct competition (not in my eyes anyways as they targeted different customers) but fact is...PSP didn't survive against the DS in truth which is why it lost a lot of exclusives, despite being the better console by far...iPad games will not compare to a PSP or DS...sure iPad has some classy games including Rage with high-end graphics but that's because the game is modeled for an iPad which in turn means if there was a Rage for PSP, it would play a lot better and look about 5x better as well - simply due to the specs

Motorola Xoom is indeed a new phone - hasn't entered the market yet but highly marketed already - there's a lot of buzz about it (just Google)...indeed UMPC's, Handhelds and Phones are all converging nowadays...that said, I still feel there are separate markets for each...cramming everything together rarely works

It is that crazy lol...I'm not saying a 5" OLED supporting full HD is actually going to be great since the screen's too small but the fact shows that the technology is there already...and in such an instance, I'm sure they'll know how to meet the best of the both worlds so the screen doesn't feel tiny as compared to the details shown on it. You mean Retina Displays by Apple right? OLED has always been better than Retina Display and you'll see for yourself soon...Apple is trying to port an OLED screen for its next gen models...wait n watch

TFT Screens aren't detailed enough to go against of the key reasons why you won't see TFT's in touch-screen phones...they are all moving towards OLED

The PSP2's screen is better than anything else out in the market currently...and while there's no saying if it'll be among the better ones in the future...I strongly suspect it'll be...why? Simply because OLED is expensive!! A 5" OLED screen would cost no less 100 bucks per piece just on the screen...a typical TFT with million+ pixels costs less than 50 can do the maths yourself for what the likelihood of phones moving up the ladder is...this is one of the main reasons why critics are so stunned at the quality of the new PSP's screen...ofcourse that may not be the case, when we see the actual price (I suspect the new PSP will be expensive) but until we see that, there's not a single product in the market that can compete with the new PSP

All these brands that you mentioned like Zelda, Metroid, Castlevania and so on...none of these are dead see games released within them all the time and they aren't bad games either...just an extension of what you used to play back in the days...if you truly liked these games back then, no reason why you should be shunning these franchises nowadays - that by itself is the key success ingredient for Nintendo - to make sure fans of their previous games remain happy and continue playing their new ones - that my friend is called a legacy

I've never really cared about the origination of the developer but I can tell you that there are some fantastic Russian developers out there...esp. when it comes to RPG's...Russian developers are usually near the top of the ladder...I play a lot of RPG's so you can trust me on this ;) may never hear about most of these games but almost all of them have a cult following - which imo is the right way to go for these games as they wouldn't survive in the cut-throat market otherwise

Ultima 7 is an epic that'll never be old...just like Old Wine...only gets better and better ;)

kooltilldend Feb 7, 2011

Naah no grants available for the is an expensive course but its worth it imo (then again its not more expensive than a typical international MBA)

Never heard of Zanzarah...will look into it now

I'm not an Archos fan (although I did use to be)...there are a number of things you are rather wrong about however...Archos has better screens than any other competitor in the market currently...Archos has special licenses/patents for this and even the likes of Apple have bought screens from Archos's manufacturers in the past...back when Archos 504 was introduced...there wasn't a single PMP in the market...even the best Apple product was the lame iPod terms of hardware, Archos has always been unbeatable (until recently anyhow - now the company's in trouble)...its the software side that kicks them in their teeth...their terrible business policy of nickling and diming their customers has never worked and perhaps never will but they won't change it being a stubborn french company (despite numerous backlashes from their customers about it)

In terms of sound, Cowon is the leader...Cowon has more equalizers and their jeteffect technology is widely licensed...only RockBox has more presets than a typical Cowon product (Apple's a joke in sound)

As for converted are obviously assuming the software itself is popular...sure Apple products may be popular but that doesn't mean the movie/anime I wanna watch is...i.e. it may still need to bo converted...and besides having native support is ALWAYS better than playing converted material

The first PSP was massive no doubt...its always the case for a first of its kind was the same with the Playstations and NES's...the NGP models I would not necessarily call revolutionary but they are indeed the leaders in terms of the technology (only Motorola Xoom comes close but that's not even a hand-held gaming console...its just a phone)...the new PSP is unlikely to play PC will be able to play PS3 games however...its specs are just slightly lower than a PS3...emulating other consoles games takes about 5 times the processor power of the original console (PS3 games are converted in this case) so the probability of playing PC games is almost zero (unless we are taking about old-era games which would be kind of pointless anyhow)

As for the screen...personally I love the screen...its an OLED 5" screen which supports full hd...what's there not to like? even the best screens can't do much better than this (AMOLED maybe but the cost difference is massive)...also no phones atm have better display than that...and even the ones coming out aren't expected to beat those specs...that said, why a phone needs a 5" screen, I'll never know (a PSP does however)

Nintendo's business strategy is actually very simple...make games that people like while providing a console which can support those likable games...and it works! They aren't going to offer you the next mind-blowing world turning game that is created - Nintendo have never done this and never will (Mario wasn't made for this purpose was just a simple platformer afterall)...if you think about it, what games have you been playing since you bought your first Gameboy? Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, etc right? Well get a 3DS and you can still play these games...want to play any of these games without a 3DS? not gonna happen I'm afraid...and there's Nintendo's strategy...make fun games which are "addictive"...if you aren't addicted by their games, then the console isn't for you...yet if you are addicted...the darn thing will sell like hotcakes again (and I assure you it will)...its all about targeting the right market and from what you sound, you are def. not the market for Nintendo with 3DS...someone like me might be though (although my interests are so broad that I'm a target for both 3DS and NGP lol)

kooltilldend Feb 5, 2011

Yup finally got a nasty cold and cough in the process though...China itself is great even though almost no-one there can speak English...Shanghai itself is like a Chinese NYC with perhaps even more tall buildings than NYC itself!

Naah am not rich...the course took us there so that saved my pockets quite a bit

I'm an avid gamer and will always remain one...even if they regurge the same games over and over, I'm sure I'll still find a few to keep my interest...ofcourse having the time to play them is a different story

Love my S9 just like I loved my Archos 605 in the past (sadly dead now)...UMPC's are great too but very pricey...never been a fan of converting stuff...makes like hellish...thankfully S9 plays most things natively so that helps

PSP2 (code name NGP - Next Gen PSP) def. seemed interesting from its stats (its been revealed already officially by Sony)...touch pads at the front and rear is an interesting choice...the 5" OLED screen is just mind-boggling...should be good stuff indeed...wonder how the 3DS will stack as well...good times for the future ^^

kooltilldend Feb 5, 2011

it usually depends on the my case, its an entrepreneurship course - made for new its very different from a typical MBA or BBA course

cool lists...will go thru those in detail later (just got back from China so haven't had much sleep yet)

Depends on your choices and interests...imo video games are going gung-ho atm...all the new hardware that's coming out is mind-boggling (new psp, 3ds and so on) for games, nowadays its all about graphics - and in that sense, they are def. improving...I guess its all about giving users what they want even if it means alienating others like u and me (to some extent)

Q5's not that good...try Cowon S9...also Apple can't play mkv's either (while the new Archos tablets can - even though I hear they aren't that great)

Reading is just one aspect...all depends on what you want out of it

Kryn Feb 3, 2011

Setting records, I'm so proud of myself ;P