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Was hooked up in 04. Although, I had inadvertently watched a little on tv at the kindergarten age during early 90s. Practically abandoned anime in april 08, and stopped keeping a close watch during 12, but managed to get acquainted with oodles of titles anyway. Last time I counted, which was in 06, got 700-1000, and that's at least fair among my circle of acquaintances any day. I founded a club(several dozens of members, who gathered few times a week) back in my fan-days, in mid 05. Futhermore, I had continually supplied my own local server, packed with almost 3ters (riffled through all of em too).That was years before HD era came to modernize anime-world.

I am a big sports anime aficionado. Viewed all subbed and even some unsubbed sports shows :).I enjoy WMT, Ga-nime, Japan in the last war-series and almost any realistic and ripe titles as well. Gladly watch arthouse and avant-garde stuff too. I've never seriously learnt japanese; so don't really have much worth watching nowadays. Besides amv of course. That's why I mostly returned to cinema. Nevertheless, I still do prefer qualitative animation regardless of the country origin :).

 Started reading manga in late 09 and novellas in 16.

Oh, I've been using AP since the middle of the 07 spring and it helped a lot back then ;). Shocked me, when I found out, that it's even older, than anidb :D. Founded around the middle of 01.

All my TOP5 intricate overviews are long time gone due to some site restoration. And I don't plan on reviving 'em.

Anime stats: Watched are watched. Finished, completely digested, stared at through and through, however you like to put it. I may rarely rewatch or rewind some, but that's just it.

Watching are some ongoing getting translated ones. Quite seldomly a title or so, of those, that I don't feel like finishing in one sitting. The important part here is, these ones are still alive!

Want to watch are mostly upcoming shows, but there may pass by some occasional subbed entries as well.

Stalled represent a speck of the bulk of my wishlist anime. I cannot finish any of these. All of 'em are far from ever getting near completion. Some are supposedly lost. Others can actually be found in raws, which I'm not exactly keen on. There is one more titbit at anidb, but I don't really store my full list anywhere anymore. That's too depressing, and can be easily guessed out without.

Dropped surprise me by the extremely low count, as I'm not that good at careful selection tbn, and usually try all kinds of shows. Even hentai and mecha (check out my genres) can make their appearance on my list. Yep, I won't ever plan on continuing these failings; oh, well, actually there can be exceptions even here.

Won't watch - the product of a long time gone random not marked anime titles button. This isn't the full list of anime, I wouldn't like to watch, but may be called the quick draft, I reckon. Most of the contents are ecchi, oldschool mecha or some shallow mainstream.

Everybody appears frantic about clarifying their TOP-denominations. So here goes:

5 (10)(95-99%) - in no way is this necessary some kind of ultimate masterpiece or any icon of perfection. Merely excellent.

4.5 (9) - jolly good.

4 (8) - good. Denotes the pantheon's end.

3.5 (7) - fine. Quite high still.

3 (6) - satisfactory. As the lowest positive mark, it often takes the lead, but due to the eventual sensation of satiation and the theory of the low quality production of the majority it's the next marks which have their way in the end.

2.5 (5) - quasi satisfactory. Appears below average, but got some pretty strong points nonetheless.

2 (4) - bad. Some more or less decent or even arbitrarily quality stuff may still linger around.

1.5 (3) - sucks big time. Almost unwatchable.

1 (2) - el terrible. The pristine trash level.

0.5 (1)(15-01%) - the only ultimate mark imho. Worse than terrible; pure horror, in other words a totally stillborn product. The grandest achievement.

No matter how complex the process of rating may appear, in a nutshell, it's the synthesis between subjective and objective factors, with the balanced mark as the outcome. The idea and it's realization. The first and foremost condition here is the amount of totally watched versus the real-life experience; simile at the core. To correlate I usually come from the 100point system. I almost never rate something I had watched a long time ago. I may also very rarely put up a grade by 0.5, while revising the list, and realizing, that there is a title, which managed to get so deep of an impression on me, that it won't fade away even after some years passing by. The Most of my current ratings 're outdated and half a star higher than they should be :D.

And this is my trifling supplementary profile: . I'm also jet7 at anidb, where I try to store untranslated stuff only.

P.S. My favourite feature at this site: ;).

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SiTu says...

Thanks for leaving a comment :)

I've always loved travelling, seeing different places and cultures. Moreover I'm a sucker for eye-candy, everything beautiful and "kawaii", so I was really interested in Japan to begin with, both because of Japan's old and new visual culture as well as beautiful sceneries.  When I had the chance to go to Japan (in March 2007) I was immediately hooked. All the eye-candy and some kind of strangeness/uniqueness Japan had, that no other place has... I just had to start studying japanese to understand japanese culture and society better - as I believe you can't really understand a culture if you don't understand the language.

So I figured I would learn japanese faster if I watched anime - and of course I was again intrigued by the visual elements too :) Nowdays it's both ways around: As I get more and more interested in anime itself, it makes me want to learn even more about Japan.. It's a never-ending cycle of doom :D

Wow, not so many foreigners I know have seen finnish movies (or know anything about Finland for that matter). Some of finnish movies are really good, though usually kind of depressing, don't you think? :)

Jan 31, 2011
sothis says...

Just accidentally triggered a bug, you'll need to remark this as watched - apologies for the inconvenience

Jan 24, 2011
kooltilldend says...

Its by far the greatest thing I've ever undertaken in university...its a once in a lifetime experience I say

Lol yeah it was taking me a few mins just to jot everything down :P

Wow that sounds pretty deep...where did you make those in-depth ratings? Would love to look thru that

Oops its a French company alright...the word Atari is Japanese however - there were quite a few

That said, vidoe games did mostly originate in US but soon afterwards the video games craze boomed in Japan while video games seemed to actually lose interest in US - look here

well I was including all kinds of shooters - TPS, FPS and so on...can't say I've ever held much interest in shooters my rpg's however (contrary to your tastes I presume ;) )

Apple's displays aren't the best however...look at Cowon S9 or Archos tablets for example...Apple never has been the leader in anything (except computers in 80's)...that said, they are quite remarkably unbeatable in terms of marketing...and that's where they get brownie points

As for iPad, well iPad's not the first tablet ever either...but there's too many Apple fanatics for that to matter...I'm curious however as to what will happen when the RIM Playbook, Motorola Xoom, etc will come out...perhaps its already too late though...who knows? let's see

Jan 22, 2011
tony says...

Hey Thanks a lot. Yeah I have watched a ton of anime, and it was really hard to find a lot of them. I rather watch anime dubbed but for those anime from way back in the day, I watched subbed since they are so old. But hey I still rather watch them than not, because some of the older animes are way better than some that are out now.

Jan 21, 2011
kooltilldend says...

Sorry I'd been doing a business simulation for the last 2 weeks as part of the course so we were as busy as if we were running our own business...didn't even get enough sleep for the whole 2 weeks - let alone have time to relax

Haha well it was a long post I suppose :P

The stuff I haven't seen, I mark it as "Want To Watch"...if I haven't seen it, I won't mark ratings are really well took  a long time to create but its all worth it

Well for me, 28-30 is just a ball park...I suppose if I find my perfect match tmoro, my decisions could change immediately...until that happens though, 28-30's my number

Nothing wrong with tiny countries...just not much to do...esp. in S'pore where its all about Shopping - an activity I hardly enjoy

No it was the Japanese who created the first video games...Koreans came way way later...all your Ataris and NES systems came from Japan...also I wasn't talking about the 40's games...they weren't really "video" games...just mere which sense, the roots go even further (and in such an instance, I wouldn't credit the Japanese anymore)...JRPG's and Visual Novels came way way later...the first JRPG that sold like hot cakes didn't come until late 80's - early 90's...Visual Novels have always been a niche market

I know what PvP is...I used to play Lineage and WoW myself...also if you haven't seen unscripted surroundings and bosses then it just means you haven't played enough RPG's (and I'm exclusing MMO's from this list - which are ever so linear...despite in an open world with a zillion fetch quests)

Jan 20, 2011