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Jinzou Shoujo


That's the best manga I've read so far. I'd easily rank it 7/10 or even go as far as 8. The art is pretty impressive although the style seems awfully precipitous and messy at times.

It's the single work of the author consisting of 2 concise volumes. Overally really deep and creepy. I stumbled upon it by the "gender-bender" tag at Mangafox, but it doesn't have much to do with this tenor tbn. The plot deals with moral questions concerning cloning technology and basic society values. The universe is pretty scary and full of immense despair and freaky deformed creatures out of the very depths of the sick asian mind.

I sincerely recommend this series to those who were impressed by the psychologistic sufferings of main Eva's characters. It is full of philosophical arguments about life/death and ethical boundaries of dealings with the life itself. You'd be sorry about how fast does it end.

P.S. I wonder how come my all time favourites always end up completely unknown around here. Like my long time top1 anime - "Human crossing" which was added quite recently.


deideiblueeyez avatar deideiblueeyez
Feb 6, 2011

Well it didn't have any synopsis on its own page (the manga) so I looked through the tabs and saw the same manga title for this blog page or whatever. Good NOW I know what it's about (Jesus, why do they add all these mangas and animes if they don't even know WHAT THE HELL ITS ABOUT.. I don't even know how to update it.. i guess cuz i'm not one of the speccial members >.> ) anyways.. thanks for writing this. I may consider reading it, now that I'm not blindly grabbing in the dark trying to get the gist of it before reading.

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