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I'm a woman on the internet. I'm incredibly squeamish. I adore Tom Waits. I like to draw/paint/ink/etc. I never know how to keep up my end of a conversation. I am either in bitchmode or hypermode. Everything is extremes with me - there are no grey areas. Also, tits.

Also, a note on my taste in anime - half the stuff I like is pretty terrible, and I know it. I like those hilariously bad, low-budget series a lot of the time... but I'm trying to move away from them, honestly, and see what else can hold my interest. It's definitely a work in progress.

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What?! No manga ratings?

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Apples Sep 2, 2009

That's always the way to have it! It's nice being able to have so many choices for different shows. What series are you working on now? (I only ask because sometimes it's not marked on your watching list)

Apples Sep 2, 2009

I hope that kid was scarred for life...anyone who thinks Buttefree is better than anything didn't actually watch the show.

Btw there is tons of good shit out there you just have to dig through the pile with two hands, a snow shovel, and a shoe. ^^' Good hunting!

sothis Jul 10, 2009

Ah yeah, I know at least one of them (they're done by the same studio and look damn similar) has a pig like that... I think Atelier Iris (and that one I liked - Mana Khemia is entirely ecchi and meh). Both are rpgs for the PS2.  ^_^

beatlesgirl95 Jul 10, 2009

Well I am glad you like it, I do too. I never have belonged to a website quite like this one, and I stumbled upon it out of pure luck. I totally love the meter than says how long of your life you used on anime...I found it hilarious!

chii Jul 9, 2009

kawaii piggy!!! Welcome and old awesomely bad animated stuff is awesome!!!