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Nov 6, 2009

I was very optimistic about this anime to begin with. The premise is interesting, but once I got past the 4th episode I could see that the plot was going in a direction that was ultimately leading nowhere. I watch until episode 8, but I really just couldn't ever get myself in the mood to watch it again after that. The shame is, I really liked the characters. And a warning for anyone who plans on watching it...I've seen spoilers...and the anime series ends without anything being resolved. If Spiral interests you, perhaps you should read the manga rather than watch the anime?

5/10 story
9/10 animation
?/10 sound
9/10 characters
6/10 overall

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lolicon1337 Aug 18, 2010

i watched the anime through. the ending didnt make sence lol. started really good. as it got on i realized i was forcing myself to see it though to the bitter end.

maaii Apr 27, 2010

so ..i have to agree:P i watched all episodes and sure enough i know as much as i did at the beginning or maybe even less.. but like you said the characters are interesting..i guess i was intrigued enough to watch the whole thing..but my biggest question was:

what's with all those bombs???