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I'm a college graduate theatre techie with an obsession for anime, video games, and manga. I'm on the older side of the fandom, but I don't foresee me losing interest anytime soon. I haven't seen an extreme variety of anime, but I'm steadily working on that.

Though I put fantasy, drama, and shoujo as my favorite anime on the side here, it's really very hard for me to narrow it down to that. There is some of every genre that I enjoy. There really are none that I completely dislike. I felt like only mentioning them three didn't thoroughly describe my taste. I really like action, slice of life, mystery, shonen, and romance too. Everything, really.

When it comes to manga, for some reason, I'm a little more particular. I tend to only read shonen/action ones, drama, and shoujo. Mostly, it's shoujo that I read though. I can't really explain why there's such a difference between the range for anime and manga.

When I'm not living in the fictional world, I run lighting and sometimes sound for theatre events. Theatre is my other passion. I love being a tech for shows and concerts. Because of my theatre background, I think I have a tendency to analyze characters and plots a lot more than most. It's really second nature to me since I had/have to do it in what I do all the time. I don't even realize I'm doing it sometimes and how much of an obsessed wierdo it makes me look like to others. Definitely an occupational hazard. But I get more out of things by doing this, so I'm not ashamed of it. I try to tone it done when making comments, but I can get out of hand sometimes. So, I apologize if you see a comment I made where I have done so. You now understand why. ^_^

I'm always looking for new buddies, so feel free!

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Sianeka Feb 28, 2014

Hello and welcome to A-P! Hope you enjoy your time here!

There really is a lot of good anime out there, and not limited to specific dramas, so it is a good thing that you are open to seeing them all; you'll get the best anime experience IMO because of this!

(My brother also does similar theatre stuffs as you, so I was intrigued to read your profile.)

Feel free to post your thoughts, comments and opinions on the things you see in reviews and recommendations - it helps out the site and other members on the site. You can put your experience and comments to good use here in that way!  Add ratings to the anime you've seen as well, if you are so inclined - it -does- help out other members and we -do- look at such things!

(In case you can't tell, I love it here. Just another member fan of A-P!)