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I grew up in Edmonton till I was 12, and in the middle of discovering a social live and girls was shipped out with my family to a farm in the middle of no ware. Its mostly sucked, but there I learn how to blow stuff up, and got really really good at it. Most notable launching a 1940 something Cadillac some 100 meters into the air and summoning a helicopter looking for a natural gas pipeline explosion.

Then came high school, there is where I mostly became who I am today. Part of the outsiders group, a collective of people who were not jock's , preppies, stoner's, or computer geeks I was invited to a LAN party that changed my life forever.

Computer gaming, Anime, performance tweaking, and the Internet were all dumped on this idiotic farm boy in one 48hour long serving and my life was forever changed.

After 4 years of that, I attended NAIT, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, where I learned networking, programing, and basically became a god of the computer world. All the while fueling my constant desire for anime, gaming and now entrenched computer tweaking.

It all came to an end one day.

While in my 4th year of NAIT, I sat taking a test on some random computer language and I just stopped typing. I looked around me and saw blank expression on the faces of people I knew, and to total lack of any enthusiasm for life. I knew I had just previously shared that same look. So I deleted my work. And just got up and left.

To this day, I'm on a journey to discover what I really want. Anime is one of those things.

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freakzilla Jul 15, 2008

i know you get a lot of these, but lovely ava !

ICeNoAcH Jun 10, 2008

damn just to funny lol

Lcn Jan 10, 2008

Yeah i agree your avatar rock! And I am happy to find out that someone have mahoromatic on 1st place too ...

wolfangel87 Dec 20, 2007

Your avatar is so funny!!!!  I loved your bio to, great job!  ^_^

VivisQueen Sep 17, 2007

Now THAT is a bio. Hope you find what you're looking for. And sothis is right - your avatar is frickin' hilarious.