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jaioni avatar jaioni


Jul 8, 2012

Personally I think that Ghibli is way too overrated. Sure the movies are cute but only couple of them are actually above average and Miyazaki in particular annoys me greatly with his 4 character rertoire. Each to their own but Ghibli's just not among my favourites, there's so much more better anime out there.

Pixeleen avatar Pixeleen


Mar 15, 2009


Pixeleen avatar Pixeleen


Dec 18, 2008

I was going to the trouble to figure out some clever witty and response to wow you, but then I noticed you can finally add to this site.


(God, I'm such a nerd.)

Pixeleen avatar Pixeleen

Thanks! ^_^

Dec 14, 2008

Oh yeah, I totally don't have the patience for any kind of service job that involves dealing with customers.  I try to be understanding, but people make it so hard...  Back office job ftw. :P

Well, this is me we are talking about. :D (are you rolling your eyes now?  I feel that you are...)

Pixeleen avatar Pixeleen


Dec 14, 2008

You love AP more than MAL?  Wait, is someone watching? *paranoid*  I love you more than MAL, too, AP!!!  >_>;;;;

But lol seriously, site was kind of iffy for a few months while they were uppgrading, so it's kinda okay that you forgot.

Yeah, well, my sis works at a KFC, so....let that be a lesson to you about minimum wage jobs. >.>  The boys are so much fun, but so intense.  Hence why I crashed so early (unintentionally) yesterday, lol.

I would be an awesome automated bot! :3 RAWR!

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