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Pixeleen Feb 8, 2010

That would be ideal, but I'm bad about being on here AND on fb...

We'll figure something out. :)

Pixeleen Sep 20, 2009

Aw, I wouldn't mind still reading it.  But yeah, the "story" is pretty damn weak.  It bugs me that they can't even tell me when in their timelines all these people were invited/stolen/whatever, because some of the issues they seem to have were usually resolved by the end of their respective games.  And I know it has to do with the restraints of the system or something, but the fact that these people never once think of their friends from the original games bugs me to death.

I'm not as upset about the heroes they chose, as they seem to be the main from their games across the board (though I have my doubts about Terra, and possibly Firion--and like I can be assed to look it up >.>).  It's some of the bad guys they chose--no consistency.  Either they chose the one the hero had some actual rivalry with the whole game (Golbez, Kuja, Jecht, etc.), or the last second final boss the heroes wouldn't even know most of the game.

Bleh.  You're not really supposed to expect much of a story out of fighting game anyway.  I try to keep telling myself that. >.>

Pixeleen Sep 20, 2009

I know where, you liar.

In the garbage.

*narrows eyes*

Pixeleen Sep 18, 2009

*narrows eyes*

Email says I had a comment...and now there's none to be had.  Shenanigans!