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Attack on Titan

Nov 6, 2013

Attack on Titan


9. Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackerman are still young when the titans - giants with inferior intelligence that have only one basic instinct: eating humans - break through the wall around their city and kill their mother. Shortly before that event Eren’s father gives him a key that will unveil the mystery around titans, or so he believes. Eren and Mikasa grow up and join the army, whose main task is to keep the titans outside the last two walls and thus to safeguard mankind from extinction. After their training they become a part of the Corps that goes out into the Titan area to find out more about this mysterious enemy.

Plot and pace

8. AOT concists of 25 episodes, in which a lot of things happen and action is never far away. Small downside are the many flashbacks throughout the series, but on the other hand, the fact that no one can ever feel safe in these series against an enemy that’s a lot bigger and stronger than them makes up for that. Trust me, a lot of people will die in this series, and more will follow in the next season.


7. If I remember well, there are 3 arcs in the Anime, each of which cover a certain number of episodes.  Some of these end in a exciting occasion, which prompts you to immediately watch the following episode, others don't.

Satisfying ending

8. The end was acceptable, although some viewers who expected a bigger conclusion will remain dissatisfied. Thanks to its great success and because we still know very little of titans after 25 episodes, I expect there will be a second season in which hopefully a lot of new mysteries will become clear.


8. The series is full of exciting action scenes and moments of despair. The huge following that the Anime has makes it clear that the series still has a lot of potential. In addition, the Anime is drawn beautifully and I would certainly like to know how the second season is going to develop. Therefore, I think that I will certainly give AOT another watch in the future.


10. Eren has probably been drugged by his father, for they never give a proper explanation for the strange powers he possesses. Mikasa is one of the few bad-ass girls in the world of Anime who has a blind faith - and crush? - on Eren and Armin is an intelligent strategist, but pretty useless in battle. then there are the colleagues that Eren and co took their training with, who fall like flies throughout the storyline and some unapproachable-looking leaders such as Levi. Last but not least, there are the titans, some being even dumber than the other, but a rare few showing intelligence that you would not expect of a giant.


8. There are a number of great conversations added to the story. Both Eren - mostly for his dedication - and Levi are people that can gather a crowd’s attention and pick up a leadership role when things get nasty.

Art Style

10. AOT is a fairly recent Anime with mouthwatering art work, backgrounds and action. The characters are very nicely drawn and their emotions are shown nicely. Also the creators leave little room for imagination: Blood, sweat and tears flow through the whole story like a waterfall over a mountain.


8. The story regularly jumps from city to city within the walls and even moves outside the walls towards the end. However, you never feel that they recycled their material (except for certain titans who look strangely familiar). The background never gets boring.

Music and sounds

9. The first introduction song was an epic one that nicely fit the series. The second one wasn’t that good. It seemed a bit too much like they wanted to surpass the first. The sound effects approach perfection.

Overall score


Ending conclusion: A must-see , but not worth its 3rd place spot on the list of best Animes on Anime-Planet (as of 6th November 2013).

9/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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