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Welcome to the NHK!

Oct 22, 2013

Welcome to the NHK!


9. Sato is a Hikikomori - a person who’s afraid of other human beings and never leaves his house. Being afraid of other people, he doesn’t have a job either, and all he ever does is sleeping, smoking and thinking about the imaginary evil conspiracy that made his life this miserable: the NHK. Sato believes that his whole life has been set-up by this conspiracy, which leads to ridiculously funny scenes sometimes. He soon finds out his former high school friend Yamazaki is living right next to him, and meets up with Misaki, a girl who tries to cure him from his HHHikikomori illness. After that the story becomes pure gold, with scenes that make me crack up harder than any Anime series ever managed to achieve. The whole story is ridiculous and far-fetched, but that’s what makes it to great.

Plot and pace

8. WettNHK! consists of 24 episodes. The build-up is quite alright and never gets boring. There were only two episodes I found were getting a bit tedious: the ones where Sato enters a virtual game world. Other than that, the producers did a pretty good job. The pace is nice, there are some great plot twists with moral meanings behind them, and characters you didn’t sympathize with from the beginning - from my point of view at the start, I found Sato a sad pervert - start to get more interesting and recognizable towards the ending.


9. For a show that was mostly created for humorous purposes, there’s certainly a lot of cliffhangers in the series. Most episodes don’t end without anything that makes you want to watch the next chapter. That way, I finished the whole thing in just two days. 

Satisfying ending

8. The show has a conclusion, and though the final episode was a bit strange at times and ended a bit unexpectedly to me, I felt the ending was acceptable and immediately after watching the series I already knew I’d miss the Anime.


8. The humor, Sato’s dream images and the ridiculous subjects the viewer gets confronted with throughout the series, along with the amazing characters, make this a definite re-watch from my part.


10. There’s an amazing cast of characters in this show. Sato is the main protagonist, who gets dragged into all sorts of things while he’s trying to find a cure for his Hikikomori existence. Yamazaki is almost as socially awkward as Sato (he never had a girlfriend, collects dolls and hentai games/movies and wants to become a hentai game developer), Misaki is cute, leaves her background in the black and turns out to be even stranger than these two guys when it comes to her concerns about Sato and there’s also a small role for Hitomi, Sato’s high school crush who pops up every now and then and made Sato believe in this whole ‘NHK conspiracy’ theory.


7. The conversations are alright, along with some pinnacles every now and then that add up to the humorous parts of the series.

Art Style

8. The art style is very good. The girls look cute, Sato’s looks get worse when he’s on the wrong track again and the talking furniture in Sato’s room is just priceless.


7. Sato stays a lot in his room of course, but when he goes out, the sceneries change from game expo’s to even an abandoned island. He also goes to the park for his daily lessons with Misaki.

Music and sounds

8. The purupurin song is amazing, of course. It’ll be stuck in my head forever. Sato hated it at the start of the series, but soon it even becomes the ring-tone of his cell phone! Try it out yourself of you dare!

Overall score


9/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
8.2/10 overall
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