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Sep 21, 2013



5. After a recess of 10 years, Kazuki’s former neighbour and childhood crush Yuuji and his sister decide to move into their former house again. Kazuki, looking forward to see her former neighbours again, desperately wants to know what has become of her former lover boy, imagining him in her dreams as a handsome, benevolent and well-behaved young man. But she couldn’t have been more wrong! Throughout the years, Yuuji has become a perverted teenage boy that hits on chicks wearing as less clothing as possible. With her dreams being shattered to pieces, will they be able to make the best of their situation? That’s as much of a story you’ll get with Tonagura. It’s been clear from the start that this show shouldn’t be taken too seriously and was entirely made for the purpose of fan fiction. It’s lacking originality, being just one among a dozen other school animes containing Love between a dumbass and an idiot.

Plot and pace

6. The entire series takes a total of 13 episodes. Basically what you get to see in all of these chapters, is Yuuji acting perverted towards Kazuki and Kazuki hitting him in the face for that. The pace of the Anime is alright, but that doesn’t at to the simplicity of the story and the lack of development it contains.


5. There are some cliffhangers in the show, I think I counted two episodes that didn’t completely end with all of their every-day lives’ problems being solved. Mainly the cliffhangers were pretty much the same: Yuuji and Kazuki fighting over dull things. There’s no place for more tension than that in Tonagura.

Satisfying ending

7. The story actually had a decent conclusion, but it was a simple one that still left in the dark what would become of our two lovebirds.


5. I wouldn’t watch this again. There’s plenty more great fish in the sea than this Anime. Even for the purpose of fan fiction, this show is hopelessly lagging behind compared to the more renowned fan fiction or ecchi Animes.


6. Nothing special here either. Yuuji is a hopeless guy trying to get the attention of Kazuki, while his female counterpart is like most girls in real life: never satisfied with the attention they’re getting. Her sister Hatsune gets more regards because of her huge breasts than because of her personality and Yuuji’s little sister has a whole arsenal of weaponry at home, with a gun disguised as a teddy bear as her organ point. Kazuki’s best friend Chihaya is that typical odd best friend who can see through everything and her teacher Kogorou Yuki is a strange old man with no real added value other than Yuuji being jealous about him.


6. Average. for an Anime that was supposed to be romantic, we don’t get to see deeper conversations than ‘I hate you’ or ‘Let’s break-up’.

Art Style

7. The art style is pretty decent, which should be expected of a show with the purpose of being fan fiction. The characters are mostly cute, the art style adds towards the atmosphere of the show when it’s needed.


6. They’re either at school or at home, except for one of the last episodes where they are finally going out to have some fun. Kazuki spends a lot of time in the swimming pool as well, since she’s a pretty good swimmer. Too bad she has such an inferiority complex when it comes to swimming suits.

Music and sounds

5. The intro song was alright, but the voice acting was plain annoying. As my Anime friend told me earlier on: I had to watch the Anime without sound because there was something wrong with the audio of my video files. I took that as a godsend.

Overall score


5/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
6/10 characters
5.8/10 overall
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brokensaint058 Sep 28, 2013

Great review!

I would not describe Kazuki x Yuuji relationship as unrequitted love. That form of love is defined by person 1 having no affection (whatsoever) for another while person 2 being madly in love. In Tonagura's case Yuuji is just an A-grade moron who has feeling for Kazuki, but constantly needs to be reminded that he does. Yes, seems like unrequitted love, but it's not. The man's a dunce, the show is terrible, period.