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Sword Art Online

Sep 4, 2013

Sword Art Online


10. In the year 2022, MMORPG’s have made a major evolution. Players can now enter virtual worlds by using a headset called the Nervegear. One of the most highly anticipated games is called Sword Art Online(SAO). Kirito is a player who was among the few 1000 players to test this game in a beta face. However, on the official game launch date, many of the 10,000 online players start to notice that the log out button is missing today. At first they think it’s a bug, but then the game creator pops up to tell them there’s only one way to log out: by completing the game without dying. If you die, it’s game over for you in real life as well! That’s how Sword Art Online started, and although the main goal of the game got a huge change-over halfway through the series, you cannot deny that the concept is original, appealing and exciting.

Plot and pace

8. There’s a total of 25 episodes, which could also be divided in two seasons (14 in the 1st and 11 in the 2nd season). These two seasons occur in a different online world with the same characteristics, which I found unnecessary but since the story still goes strong after the changes, you get to accept it. The ending of the first season was rushed and unexpected.


9. SAO has some nice cliffhangers which will get you chained to your seats. Sometimes they use plot twists or new game discoveries as a chapter ending too.

Satisfying ending

9. Yes… Finally a series that takes sufficient time for its conclusion! I’d have rated the ending a 10 if they didn’t rush the ending of the first season all of a sudden, but the ending of the series as a whole is pleasant. There’s a whole episode in which they share information about what happened after SAO,  so you won’t get stuck with tons of questions about what has become of your favorite characters.


10. The whole RPG storyline is something I like because I used to play RPG’s in real life all the time. But even newbies will get to like this series because of its tension, originality, characters and story development.


9. The characters evoked a lot of emotions inside of me. I’ve had loads of sympathy for the main characters Kirito and Asuna and obviously I was rooting for them all the way. But as in every RPG, there are also evildoers and I have to say I rarely felt so much hatred for bad guys in Animes as I did for the ones in SAO.


7. The story never gets hard, not even for people who don’t play games. Don’t expect a lot of deep political or scientific conversations though.

Art Style

9. The art style is close to perfection, which should be expected of a series that started in 2012. The fighting animations look amazing.


10. Every chapter has a different setting. The game characters never stay in the same place for a long time, and the places in SAO are diverging a lot.

Music and sounds

9. I fell in love with the intro song of season 1 and play it ten times a day. Apart from that, the Japanese voice acting is enjoyable as well.

Overall score


10/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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