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7. Vash The Stampede has a 60 billion double dollars reward on his head for catching him. He’s a dangerous gunslinger that already destroyed towns in the past - or so the common people believe. In reality he is a kind person who gets into trouble everywhere he goes,  just because everyone knows him as a dangerous criminal. Somehow he always manages to escape. He handles his gun with inhuman speed.

Plot and pace

5. The series started boring me after the first six episodes. I kept watching until episode 20, but then I quit. Nothing important ever happens and nearly each episode stands on its own.


5. Rarely. Most of the time each chapter ended in a happy ending. I guess this is just not my type of Anime, however I can understand the high rating this show received on Animeplanet.

Satisfying ending

5. Very predictable. I won’t spoil it for you guys, but since you’re not idiots and you already know that each episode has a happy ending…


4. I wouldn’t watch this again. Trigun was okay for once, but absolutely not an Anime which could keep me entertained for 26 chapters.


6. Vash the Stampede is pretty cool, but it’s ridiculously unrealistic how he manages to survive the bullet rains. There was a pretty impressive ‘priest’ in this show as well, but the girls from the insurance agency who followed Vash everywhere were just plain annoying.


7. Not much has to be said about this. I’ve watched Trigun in English and the conversations were clear and simple.

Art Style

5. The art style looks dated, but that’s because this show is a very old Anime. I still can’t give It a high score for for that reason, though.


6. The planet where Vash lives, reminds me of western movies. There are cowboys and crooks, gangs, and lots of guns. Vash travels from town to town, but they all still look pretty much the same.

Music and sounds

9. At least something I can give a decent rating. The intro song, with the guitar riffs, fits this series perfectly. Other than that the background sounds are what you could expect of it.

Overall score


7/10 story
5/10 animation
9/10 sound
6/10 characters
5.9/10 overall

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batmannoLuckysocks says...

I completely disagree. I felt like each episode wasn't episodic it was subtle. Every little part added a puzzlepiece to the overreaching story. Each episode gave you another insight into just who vash the stampede was. This anime was a lot  like cowboy bebop where the anime wasn't ramming the story down your throat.

Feb 25, 2014