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Trinity Blood

Aug 23, 2013

Trinity Blood


7. Planet Earth, somewhere in the future. Vampires (Methuselah) and Humans (Terrans) are fighting for domination over the world. However, the Vatican (Humans) and the Empress (Vampires) are trying to persuade both races to coexist peacefully. This is not to the liking of some Vampires, who believe they should be ruling the Humans because of their powers. A dark order of Vampires called Rosenkreutz is trying to achieve world domination by performing terroristic deeds. A subdivision of the Vatican, called Ax, sends out their best men to missions in which they try arresting members of the Rosenkreutz order.

Plot and pace

8. The pace of the series was just fine. With 24 episodes in the first - and only? - season, there is no space for filler episodes. Every single edition is relevant to the story, so you cannot miss any of them if you want to keep track of it.


6. Most episodes end in cliffhangers, however I only give this a 6 because it was getting way too predictable in the end. The most important characters always get saved mere seconds before the gunshot or before the blade swings down. In the end when one of the characters got entrapped, I wasn’t even excited anymore because you knew he’d get saved anyway. The only surprise happened in episode 22, but they even screwed that part up in the end. Can’t spoil it for you guys here, hehe…

Satisfying ending

5. Pretty disappointing. For some reason I wasn’t expecting an open ending like this, and the final episode seemed very rushed to me.


6. Trinity Blood was overall a good and interesting watch. But I think you have to be more of a Vampire fan than I am to re-watch this.


8. You mostly follow the steps of Abel Nightroad, a Krsnik and member of Ax. Being a Krsnik means you’re a Vampire that lives of the blood of other Vampires. He’s a kindhearted priest who’s paying for his sins in the past and vows to avoid killing people at all costs. Then there’s Esther Blanchett, a Human who always seems to get in Abel’s way. Other characters include Abel’s brother Cain and some colleagues from Ax, as well as noble Vampires who have their own ideas about cooperation peacefully with Humans.


7. They are what you can expect of an Anime.

Art Style

8. Very attractive and modern drawing.


9. Settings differ a lot since Abel’s traveling most of the time to fulfill his missions for Ax.

Music and sounds

9. Fantastic suitable music that fits the gothic Anime well. The tension gets built up well when Abel changes into a Krsnic.

Overall score


7/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.3/10 overall
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Idiotchan Dec 11, 2013

I guess I'll watch it.