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Tsubasa Chronicle

Aug 15, 2013

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle SEASON 1 + 2


9. The story starts out in a land called the Claw Kingdom, where you’ll meet Syaoran, the son of an archeologist, and Sakura, the princess of Claw Kingdom. They’re about the same age and like each other a lot. In the first episode, while watching the sunset, Sakura wants to tell Syaoran something - probably that she’s in love with him - and she promises to say it when he returns from an excavation trip. Unfortunately that night, strange things start to happen as Sakura gets drawn to a mysterious place just outside of her land and loses her memory there. Syaoran and her brother manage to interrupt the process, which led to Sakura not losing her memories forever, but instead, they are scattered in the form of feathers throughout countless different worlds which can be accessed by traveling through dimensions. In order to do this, Syaoran meets up with Yuko, the dimensional witch (see anime: xxxholic) and gives up the most valuable thing he has in return for the power to travel through dimensions: all his memories together with Sakura. So even if he manages to get all the feathers back, Sakura will never regain her memories together with Syaoran. Will this impede their relationship together?

Plot and pace

6. There are two seasons, consisting of 26 episodes each, and 5 OVA’s, which were made instead of a third season. There are a lot of filler episodes, but they are rarely boring. It is true however that you usually wouldn’t miss anything important if you skip a series of episodes that belong to a particular world. The story development is slow.


8. The episodes that belong together usually contain cliffhangers.

Satisfying ending

6. This rating has been given after watching the first two seasons, without having watched the OVA’s so far. The ending was a bit disappointing, but it was to be expected from an anime that doesn’t contain a single part of adult content.


7. I guess I’d watch it again someday. But since there’s a lot of other anime waiting for me, that won’t be for the next couple of years.


10. All of the characters in this anime are amazing. In his journey, Syaoran and Sakura team up with Fay, a wizard who’s traveling dimension to run away from his homeland, and Kurogane, the strongest swordsman of Japan who wants to find a way to return home. And then there’s Mokona, Yuko’s pet that helps them travel through dimensions. Other characters are being introduced when they enter a new world, and some of them return in new worlds as well.


8. The conversations are short and clear. There are a lot - maybe even too many - flashbacks so you don’t lose track of the story. The voices fit perfectly with the characters.

Art Style

9. The characters look amazing and so does everything else. For a second between season 1 and 2 I was afraid they had changed their drawing style completely, but apparently that was only reserved for the movie.


10. Settings change for each world they visit or re-visit.

Music and sounds

7. The music during the first episode annoyed me because it was very repetitive, but that improved during the second season.

Overall score


9/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
10/10 characters
8/10 overall
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