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Higurashi (When they cry)


9. It’s about a guy named Keiichi, who just moved to a town called Hinamizawa. At first everything seems fine. He gets along well with his schoolmates and everyone’s happy. But one day Keiichi hears about ‘Oyashiro’s curse’, a curse that takes the life of one of the townspeople and makes another one go missing on the night of the cottondrifting festival, an annual festival in Hinamizawa. Every time Keiichi asks something about this ‘legend’, his friends act extremely startled and even scary. When Keiichi realizes he might be the next victim and he can’t trust his friends anymore, he tries his best to survive the horrific things that start to happen to him.

Plot and pace

10. The series is divided in several chapters. Each chapter contains three to five episodes, in which the main character changes each time. All the chapters have in common that they all start at a different time during the Hinamizawa murders, so there’s a lot of time jumping and flashbacks in this series. It never gets annoying though, the only minor drawback is that it takes some time to get used to this, as well that certain things only get clearer bit by bit. It took me twenty episodes to finally understand that all the chapters aren’t separate stories, but actually are connected to each other. Each chapter also tells the story from a different main character’s point of view, to show the actions they did that went unnoticed by other characters.


9. There are many cliffhangers throughout the series. Most new chapters start peacefully, but soon turn into hectic and gruesome stories.

Satisfying ending

8. I would’ve personally liked it more if the series had ended after chapter one. From my point of view, the ending was alright, but could’ve been a lot more suitable for this story. For such a dark series, the ending was just too bright.


8. The first chapter and the chapter with Shione were my favourite parts in this series. It’s too bad that some other chapters couldn’t keep the same high level as those two I mentioned. It started promising, but after that some parts became irrelevant and - on that moment - incomprehensible.


9. When They Cry did a fantastic job with their characters. They all have their own - often cruel - backgrounds, and appear gentle from the outside, but at the end even the kindest person of them all turns out to be one heck of an evildoer.


7. Apart from the moments where the characters went insane, there were few memorable conversations in this Anime.

Art Style

9. The cute looking girls can turn into vicious murders in just a few seconds, and the art style supports those moments. The characters appear lively.


7. A part of the curse states that no one is allowed to leave the village, so the only thing you’ll see throughout this series, is Hinamizawa, and nothing else.

Music and sounds

9. Great intro song, especially when you speed it up a bit with VLC media player ^^ I never skipped the intro when I started watching a new episode. The music added to the tension, but while the series had some scary moments, there were no ‘screamer’ parts in it.

Overall score


10/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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