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Wolf's Rain

Jan 10, 2013

Wolf’s Rain


8. Kiba, a wolf that can turn into human form, is following the scent of the lunar flower. Legend says that the lunar flower will open the way to paradise, a place where wolves, who are said to be extinct, can live in peace. He meets some fellow wolves that want to join him on his search for paradise. However the nobles want to open the way to paradise as well. The end of the world is approaching and they want to survive by going there, or have their own other selfish reasons for finding it.

Plot and pace

6. There aren’t many plot twists in this Anime. Things that happen were mostly predictable, except for certain parts in the last episodes, but you can’t really call those things twisty. The pace is alright, with one minor drawback: in the middle there are THREE full episodes that contain nothing but flashbacks from what happened in the first half of the series. If you want to watch the series again, you can simply skip the first 15-ish episodes and watch these three eps. Where everything that happened is being summarized.


8. The story development is good, and that often makes the episodes end in some kind of way that you want to know how things will continue.

Satisfying ending

5. I could live with the ending, but that’s it. For many people this will be rather disappointing after watching 30 episodes - yes there are 30, and not 26 like they mention here on AP… - I can’t tell you why of course, because that would spoil everything. But if you want a great, original or even inspirational ending, you’re at the wrong place with Wolf’s Rain. I’m wrong when I say that nothing happens, but in another way nothing happens actually…(hehe it’s hard to express myself without spoiling anything).


5. While the story contents were pretty original and there were some exciting parts and nice characters, I would only watch it again when I’m in a bad mood to re-watch the ending and face palm myself.


9.There aren’t many characters that are relevant to the story, but most of them do get introduced from the start, and you will identify yourself with them, or even get to like them. Each wolf has his own dark or bright past, which gets revealed later in the series. The bad guys, also known as the nobles, have magical powers and huge armies and cities at their command, while having to bear the pain of their personal dramas.


7. The conversations, especially when the nobles are saying weird prophetic things, can be hard or even annoying. The wolves argue a lot, but while the catchphrases are rarely deep - Kiba had some great point lines though - they are to the point.

Art Style

8. The wolves look great, especially the eyes. Then there’s this blonde chick in the series, Cher, that I’m in love with ^^ and some nice futuristic buildings and war vehicles.


9. Settings change a lot. The wolves travel from city to city, in a world that’s on its last feet. The weather’s screwed up too.

Music and sounds

8. Catchy English intro song, both Japanese and English voice-acting are nice. The Mexican/Spanish? Background songs during certain parts of the series were vexing.

Overall score


8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
7.3/10 overall
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