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Zero no Tsukaima

Jan 5, 2013

Zero No Tsukaima


9. Louise is a hopeless student at the Tristain Academy of magic. Every time she tries to perform magic, she creates explosions. Her classmates call her Zero for that. When summoning their familiar, a creature that will be their lifetime protector and partner, she summons Saito, a boy from Japan instead. Saito tries to find a way back to Japan, but seems to have strange powers too, like swords mastership.

Plot and pace

8. Each season consisted of twelve episode, for a total of 48. There was a nice logical build-up towards the end of each episode, with a decent finale especially in the last two seasons.


7. There are some, but few to mention in the first seasons, although it gets better in the last seasons.

Satisfying ending

10. Great ending, though it seemed a bit rushed. A lot happens in the last five minutes of the series. There was nothing wrong with adding all that in one whole episode if you ask me.


7. I’d watch it again if I want to have a good laugh. There are quite some amusing parts in it, and the love-story is great and actually has a conclusion too, not like most Animes…


8. Louise and Saito are the stars of the show, while Louise can perform magic and is an Aristocrat - someone from a wealthy family with high standards - , Saito is just a normal boy with mysterious swordsman powers he never knew about. Other notable characters are mostly other students or some bad guys that join the Anime later on. The same bad guy never stays for long in this series.


8. Louise treats Saito like a dog, as she feels even though he’s human, he should be serving her as her pet. This makes for some funny moments. But secretly they both really like each other, and sometimes they get the courage to show this towards each other.

Art Style

8. The style is nice, once again I really like the way they drew the eyes here. Also they’ve put a lot of detail in their drawings.


8. The setting changes a lot later in the series. At first it’s just the school grounds, but later they’ll start serving the lovely queen Henrietta and travel around a bit.

Music and sounds

7. I liked the intro songs, but the background music during the series never changes and soon becomes repetitive. There’s nothing wrong with the voice acting.

Overall score


9/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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