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Yu-gi-oh! Season 1: Duelist Kingdom


9. Duel monsters is a card game where you have to defeat your opponents’ monsters, avoid his traps and get his lifepoints to zero. Yugi’s grandfather owns a duel monsters card shop -  One day Seto Kaiba, a rich fellow and owner of Kaiba Corporation, jumps in and offers a lot of money to become the owner of the last Blue Eyes White Dragon card that’s not in his possession. Yugi’s grandfather declines to sell it and Yugi challenges him to a duel. Kaiba, the reigning Duel Monsters champion, loses because Yugi can turn into  and Pegasus, the creator of the game, steals his grandfather’s soul and forces Yugi to participate in a tournament on his island.

Plot and pace

7. For most of the time, Yugi and his friend Joey are challenging other duelists to win their star chips - they need ten star chips to enter the finals - and the other episodes are unnecessary ‘filler episodes’ about the characters’ past and the history of the game.  Some duels seem to go on forever, and seemingly Yugi’s trust in the heart of the cards makes him draw the card he needs whenever he’s in trouble. Works every time!


8. Some duels take multiple episodes and usually an episodes stops with some sort of cliffhanger. Like: ‘I might be losing now, but my strongest monster is still waiting for you, Yugi, Muhahaha! Or: Oh no, what should I do now? Is there any way that I can still defeat this guy? You get what I mean…

Satisfying ending

9. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but you know that Four Kids Entertainment would never let Yugi fail in his mission, right? In these kids shows, the good always beat the bad. Is that an unsatisfying ending? Not at all, but just cliché.


7. Meh… Not for me, but I guess fans would watch it again. I must’ve seen this season at least three times so far, twice when broadcasted on the tv, and once to re-watch the whole thing and review it, out of nostalgia purposes.


7. Yugi is a kind-hearted person who’s always there to help someone in need. Joey is bold and sometimes over-confident, but in fact he’s a caring person, especially for his sister. She needs an eye operation and Joey wants to win the tournament to finance it. Then there’s Kaiba, who’s my favorite character because he’s rich, smart and evil, but also a tender side reserved for his younger brother Mokuba. And there’s Pegasus, the evil Duel Monsters creator. Then there’s Tea, Tristan and Bakura, not even worth mentioning :D.


6. The conversations are simple, you can hear that they’re meant for kids. Most of the duels get lengthened with sentimental talk about friendship or the hard times the duelist went through.

Art Style

8. The monsters look badass, and the series have a cartoonish look around them, though they paid a lot more attention to details.


8. It’s on an island, but the scenery often changes. Based on where they are, the duel field changes as well.

Music and sounds

8. I liked the English voice-actors, but sometimes they sounded a bit exaggerated.

Overall score


9/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
7.7/10 overall
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