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xxx Holic


8. Watanuki leads a normal school life, but he has a secret: he can see spirits and not all of them are friendly towards him. One day he sees a strange shop that he’s never seen before. This shop is owned by Yuko, a strange woman that can make any wish come true, if the payment is high enough. She says it’s fate that he enters the shop, and to get rid of his spirit, Watanuki accepts to do chores for her. From that day on he’s working for Yuko and throughout the Anime a lot of mysterious things happen to him.

Plot and pace

8. At first I was a bit disappointed about this, but the ending made me change my mind. The series develop at a nice pace, but every episode is different and there’s no real meaning behind any of them.


7. The problems get solved at the ending of each chapter, with the exception of one of the last episodes, so there are few.

Satisfying ending

10. I enjoyed the ending and found it appropriate. It wasn’t what I had expected, since I was wishing for worse things to happen, but I’m still satisfied with how they ended the series.


6. I wouldn’t watch it again, except perhaps for the movies they’ve made of this. It was a decent Anime, but I like my stories to develop, get more exciting towards the ending, and these were just a bunch of random mysteries that Watanuki witnesses while he’s working for Yuko.


8. Watanuki is an interesting and kind person. He has a crush on Himawari and hates Domeki, although they have to work together a lot in the series. Yuko and her pets are all a bit eccentric, but also give you a feeling that they’re powerful and invulnerable. Yuko has a drinking problem, and it was amusing to see Watanuki react when she asked for another sake.


8. Watanuki’s and Doumeki’s conversations are hilarious, and so are the scenes where Himawari turns him down. Most of the time the Anime was very funny, but Yuko could sound very serious when the darker secrets of her ‘work’ were revealed.

Art Style

8. You will never see other people than the ones that play a role in the Anime. The others are just shades of grey. Apart from that, it looked very nice and they did a great job using the backgrounds to their advantage to improve the tenseness.


9. Although spending most of the time at Yuko’s shop, Watanuki travels to numerous strange places that average people would never be able to visit.

Music and sounds

8.  I enjoyed the Japanese voice-acting.

Overall score


8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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