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High school of the dead


8. Takashi, a high school student, is skipping school because he can’t be together with his crush Rei, when he sees some people at the school gates turning into zombies! Soon after the school is infested by these creatures, who can make other people turn into zombies by just one bite. There’s a worldwide pandemic at hand and Takashi and some fellow students - mostly girls that don’t seem too shy about showing what they’ve got in store - manage to escape and try to get in contact with their parents.

Plot and pace

8. It went pretty fast with some nice - but sometimes ridiculous - action scenes. There are really some nice exciting moments in this Anime. There are more serious parts and love scenes. It’s a nice mixture of both I guess.


8. Most cliffhangers consist of meeting people that survived the apocalypse or escape scenes. Usually an episode won’t end with any of the characters being in a life-threatening situation.

Satisfying ending

7. The ending is satisfying in some way, but it could’ve been done a lot better. A lot stays unclear because all of a sudden, the anime just stops and we’ll have to wait for season 2 if it’ll ever come out. The OVA is just an episode where all characters are high on crack and start hallucinating xD


8. This score is mainly based on the attractiveness level of the female school girls. You will start to miss them and their ‘belongings’!


10. This score would probably be lower if I were a girl ^^ but come on, which guy doesn’t like to see school girls in miniskirts that kick ass with Japanese swords or even seem to be masters at martial arts? That’s right, all of them.


8. The conversations are to the point, they make sense and they make you think about how you’d act if you were in a zombie apocalypse. Most of the story’s conversations are pretty serious, with the exception of in-house scenes.

Art Style

8. The characters look fabulous. I especially liked the way their eyes are drawn. Some scenes were put in slow-motion and these are often a pleasure to the eye.


9. They’re always on the run in this anime. Peaceful moments are scarce, so they’re always at different places. They start out at their school, but soon they’ll get to places like a tank station, an island, a huge mansion, a convenient store,…

Music and sounds

8. I loved the guitar intro of H.O.T.D. I only watched it in Japanese, so I can’t say much about the English dub, but I can recommend the Japanese one ^^.

Overall score


8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
8.2/10 overall
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brokensaint058 Sep 4, 2013

Well the English dub is shit in literally every way. The story was rewritten at some parts to make the whole thing much more coherent, losing some bits on character background and development. Also they made every character swear excessively with every sentence they spoke. Stay true and keep the dub very far away, or even better, shoot it in the head with the power of impossible jiggling physics!