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Digimon Season 2


7. The contents are pretty much the same, although at this point the original group of characters have all grown up and it’s up to a new group of kids to save the Digimon from an evil real life person that somehow made it into the their world and wants to take it over by force.

Plot and pace

7. A lot of unnecessary episodes, but the way they introduce this evil digimon emperor and how things turn out afterwards is pretty cool.


7. A little bit better than in the previous season. There are more moments of despair in this one.

Satisfying ending

8. Same as in season one. It’s a good ending that will leave you with the feeling that this is how a story like this is supposed to end.


7. If you’re a hardcore digi-fan, which I’m supposed you are if you decided to watch season 2, you will watch this again. Other people won’t.


6. They’ve spent less time on their characters. This time there’s only five of them, of which two were already in the original group, and the other three are pretty unoriginal if you ask me. Also the Digimon that belong to these characters are a lot less interesting than the first digimon.


7. It’s alright. Nothing more, nothing less.

Art Style

7. It all looks nice, but there’s still nothing that takes it above the average anime.


8. The settings are still very different. This time the digidestined will spend more time in the real world, which was nearly impossible for the original group.

Music and sounds

8. It has the same music and even the same voice-actors.

Overall score


7/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
7.2/10 overall
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