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Some friends recommended I watch attack on titan, and after much discussion (I dislike watching undubed anime) I just went for it and totally fell in love with it. It's kind of started that fire in me to watch anime again. I've become so addicted that I stopped playing video games hahaha. After I finished Attack on Titan, I was pretty lost on which anime to watch next so after pondering and searching, I went back to finish Gurren Lagann. I had watched only a couple of episodes but it was always in the back of my mind. Loved it as well, and after that I started looking for the next one. I started searching for animes similar to attack on titan and Gurren Lagann. Steins;Gate/top 5 favorite popped up and I was skeptical at first. Noticed that the categories under it were romance and time travel both of which I had never experienced. I was immediately hooked by the pilot and fell in love with yet another anime. 

I've also recently finished G Gundam and Future Diary/top 5 favorite. So good. I'll continue using this as I watch more anime.


Not necessarily in this order but here's a list of the anime I've watched since joining this site:

= Ah My Goddess, Flight of Fancy /top 5 favorite

= Maken Ki /so good if you can look passed all the panty shots

= Bludgeoning Angel /top 5 favorite

= This Ugly Yet Beautiful World

= Elfen Leid 

=B Gata H Kei /top 5 favorite

= Welcome to the NHK

= Deadman Wonderland 


Well it's that time to update this thing and wow had my life changed due to anime hahaha. Complete have stopped my magic the gathering life. Like totally stopped, no EDH, standard, nothing. I even joined a cosplaying group on Facebook and have bought a couple of cosplays and will now be one hundred percent cosplaying at a con in August. I can honestly say that anime can change your lifestyle. I've watched a bunch of anime since the last time I updated my profile on Anime Planet and I now have quite a respectable list of anime. I'll use it as a conversation piece and most importantly to keep track of my busy anime life. The To Watch list is a great tool for me, and many others I assume. Also Recommending on here is quite the pastime for me and has become a hobby inside a hobby hahaha. I've never been happier and my anime life looks very bright!

Happy viewing everyone!

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Desej says...

Wait... WHAT

Won't watch.. 86 -_- BURN

Sep 17, 2014