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 I am a nineteen-year-old singer-songwriter and pianist. I play by ear, and can't read notes so I'm currently going to school studying music theory and composition. I also draw, write stories and poetry, and do some graphic art design. (I am immensely creative.)

I'm kind of quiet and kept to myself, but I'm very imaginative. I have a semi-sarcastic personality, but nothing hurtful. I love to give and do fun community things with my friends and the people around me. I'm also very loving and forgiving, even though I can be pretty stubborn. I believe in being tolerant, meaning that even if I don't agree with a certain lifestyle, as long as it's not harming other's, I do not judge or make a fuss. I love acceptance and equality and all of that. I am also very, very ambitious. I love to cook. I love the outdoors. I love going to movies, dinner, walking by the water. I don't mind taking the bus to places, that can be fun. I like the mall, coffee shops, parks, trails, gardens. I LOVE ANIMALS, OMG. My favorite food is homestyle macaroni and cheese. I love the color purple, and pastel colors. It would be great to meet someone who has similar interests, though it's not a must.

Now, in list format!

✪ I have OCD. It makes me crazy, so I'm obsessed with pretty colors (my favorite color is purple), organization, codes and symbols.

✪ I love music, so I quote songs often. 

✪ I like boys and girls, love can apply to anyone, I believe. I have a high tolerance for others and can be quite flirtatious and loving.

so watch out { /noms}. 

✪ Vocaloid. Yes. My favorites are the Kagamine's. I also love Gumi and SeeU.

✪ I like visitor messages, friend requests, MSN adds, and PMs. They make me feel loved. 

I am a writer, musician, actress, artist, and a semi-perfectionist. 

✪ I like to laugh. 

✪ I am an avid role-player.

✪ I have a sarcastic sense of humor and am deep thinker.

✪ I often change the way I portray online actions. For example; Hi~ *Waves* VS. Hi~ [/Waves] VS. Hi ~ {Waves.}

✪ I am strange, if I do say so myself. But I do hope to get alone with everyone. 

✪ I am somewhat delusional, and infatuated with insanity.

✪ I am a hard worker and a fast learner.

✪ I am sensitive and empathetic. (It's awful.)

✪ I am open-minded, accepting and try to be honest.

✪ I feel and interpret lack of expression and faces as emotionless, thus why you'll almost always fine some soft of smiley face in something I post. I dislike the forum default smileys, and will never use them intentionally, though.

Besides that though, hello!

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