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Zero no Tsukaima


The show it's just annoying me and I still can't help but love it! Anyway I felt like commenting on it but I don't know anybody else whose watching it so why not blog? Anyway this may contain spoilers, what really even is a spoiler? I'll just be commenting on their personalities.

Currently on episode 5

Louise she bugs me, darn nobles! She's just so conceded and doesn't treat her summon like the human he IS! In general she just doesn't get how to talk to people, hopeless really but who knows? I'm pretty sure she'll change some towards the end- hopefully!

Saito so pathetic! Okay so he stood up for himself once against that lovey dovey guy and I applaud him for that, clap clap. Yes, he's stuck on another planet (least I think it is) and has really not very many options. But does he really have to give in to her threats all that easily? Why isn't he more furious about the way he's treated, perhaps it's his personality.

Anyway I'll add more later...


Finished it!

Louise okay so maybe she did change a little bit, she still has to make SO MUCH progress that it is hardly noticeable but it is a valid amount. After the show ended I realized I actually like her and her tsundere self. Tsundere's awwww their so adorable and cute!!! I loved it when she was actually sweet to him. Although there's not very many of those moments it's just enough. Do they have a something, even at the end it's hard to say.

Saito still a bit spineless. Although I must say, he has had the most change in all the characters for the better. Instead of not really caring about her, he's now super loyal. Every time he swears to protect her, I really just love it! Later on in the show he does admit to being really adaptable so I guess that makes sense. There should be a limit to how adaptive a person can be though! If he wasn’t the way he was though, things wouldn't have worked out sooo it's for the best.


I'm starting to think I just should have reviewed the show. Maybe later? I feel is though I'd go into the characters too much and not really give all that great of overall information. Anywho I'd recommend this show to anyone who likes Tsunderes, Magical stuff and Person in a Strange World anime. Aww the show is just too cute, watch it! Watch it now!

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SebasCielStar avatar SebasCielStar
Jul 8, 2012

The way you describe Saito reminds me of Kyousuke from Oreimo. I couldn't understand why he put up with his sister when all she did was boss him around and rarely thank him. I don't mind Tsunderes (heck I love Romano and England who are major Tsunderes), but I do like to see them change personality, like becoming more open about their feelings and kinder. I'm still unsure if i'm going to watch this one but the animation looks nice and I think the story is interesting. Hey, do you think I should start a blog?

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