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April 15, 2014

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ali3n avatar ali3n


Jul 5, 2010

Hey hey,

Great work on BakaBT, we love you for that :3

Keep it going ^^

Malus avatar Malus


Aug 19, 2009

guess who this is >:D

mrbukito47 avatar mrbukito47

Nice Avatar!

Jan 25, 2008

hey great avatar, SerialExperiments Lain is really cool but I need to watch it again , it's soo weird!! also my favorite is Rurouni Kenshin!!

tetra avatar tetra


Nov 8, 2007

Got you on random animelist! (that is where this comment comes from ^^)

When you reply on a comment do not press your "add comment" but the reply link at the lower part of the comment you are replying to, otherwise it will show up on your own page and not on the page of the person you reply to. And they might miss it alltogether =/

 Now I forgot what I wanted to  comment on when I scrolled down to the comments ><Most probably a cute avatar ^^

Jarudin avatar Jarudin


Nov 4, 2007

I sent you an add request. If you don't see it send me one again.


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