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Ooh, what do we have here? Looks like someone's actually looking at my profile. Reading my bio. NGAWW!

Call me Jare (as in "Jair", not the way a Japanese person would pronounce it)

A few real-life facts:


I've just been watching anime for about a year, but I'm trying to catch on fast. :D As for my preferences in anime..

My favorite genres would definitely be Comedy with a little bit of Action and Mystery. I detest anything Mecha, and I get a weird feeling in my brain when I see anything Magical Girl-related. ALSOOOO I don't mind Ecchi, Shoujo-ai nor Shoujo-ai. It's not my favourite or anything, but those three can be quite entertaining. :3 But.. this. This manga. My Goodness. One of the most, er, memorable mangas ever. *whispers* WARNING: DON'T READ IT

My favourite character of all time is Sanji. The greatest blacksuit-wearing, lady-loving, ass-kicking (literally) chef ever created. HOLLA IF YOU LOVE HIM TOO.

Sanji Mellorine

I have found other amazing characters now. I'm sorry, Sanji-kun. </3

They are.. all three of the three main characters from Sket Dance.

From left to right:

The wisecracking otaku, Switch,

The Badass Adorable, Himeko,

& Mister-There-are-no-words-to-describe-an-amazing-leader-with-skellz, Bossun.

Do you want to know what really makes Sket Dance so awesome? Check it out for yourself, that's the only way.

Hmm, recently I've taken a small turn for Shoujo. Ouran HSHC in particular.

Tamaki Suoh, the king. isn't he lovely? ^^ he's like a more polite, wealthier, schoolboy, non-smoking, bishounen version of Sanji. AND HE PLAYS THE PIANO.

y-yeah, there's probably a lot that makes them different.


When it comes to manga, I tend to read a lot of One Shots. Because they're.. short. Damn my short attention span. For longer series, I like a mix of Shounen and Seinen.. even though I'm a girl.. but hey, Josei's nice too!


If you actually took the time to read my whole bio, two thumbs up to you. If you leave a message down there, the perpetual smile on my face might just grow a little bigger.

- Jare-chan.


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nallyasian Jul 6, 2012

*jealous nicole is jealous*

D'AAAW! I feel like I haven't spoken to you in ages! >o< Have mercy on me here dearie, I feel like your clingy boyfriend right now...

sigh. i miss you so bad... miss you so so bad (LOL call me maybe lyrics just started popping up in my head out of nowhere O.O)

YEEEEEEAH BABY! PHILIPPINES JUST HAPPENED, AND I'M HERE HAILING FROM DA CAPITAL ITSELF XD when are you coming over? or are you here already O.O OMG OMG THIS IS A CHANCE TO FINALLY MEET YOU~ *gets strange perverted feeling* okay, not really~ NOOOO! IM NOT A HENTAI!!! jare come on, you know me :D but it sucks cos i actually got yelled at and actually im not supposed to be keeping in contact with you now... did you know that? :( so i doubt they'd let me see you at all.

btw, just a heads-up but i've noticed you've gained quite a few friends there :) THATS WHY I SAID IM JEALOUS BIATCH. haha but yeah glad to see you're having fun! i haven't been on AP in soooo long... how do i reply to everyone who i havent replied to in a month... to >,< haha that DOES NOT make sense but whatever.

i have a feeling that our long-message-parade is making a COME-BACK BABY! YEAH XD so, jare my bestest friend ever who i've never met, how've you been? :3

omg! did i ever mention? but i've been busy recently... after exams (or should i say during? ...okay, which is bad but it's the truth) -- making a new tumblr blog! :D i havent been on tumblr in soooo long, so naturally i ended up losing my old followers (it was an old personal one yadda yadda). so for a change instead of re-doing that again i decided to make an anime one instead XD wanna see?


ehh~ i still only just started so it's not exactly that great yet, and i hardly have any followers... but still - it's really fun! you get to obsess about EVERYTHING and stare at all this AWESOMENESS on your dashboard -- though i guess its unhealthy in the way that once you log in to tumblr, there's no going back. LITERALLY. if you wanna have a productive day you should NEVER have it in front of you D:

speaking of which, do you have one? if you don't make one! seriously i know you probably won't be bothered (the laaaaaazy jare you are) but once you get the hang of it all you have to do is press buttons ^^" wouldn't it be cool to be "partner blogs"? i've always wanted to do that with you :D like, on my blog it'll have a link to yours, something along the lines of "my dear jarey poo" or something hahaha :")

AWWWWWW I CAN JUST IMAGINE IT! anywho, don't take too long alright? im waiting for your reply! (i can't remember what we were talking about before for the LIFE of me =.=)

LOVE YOU TO BITS! :) honestly though~ i miss you so much! i've got memories with you that are just too precious to let go... naaaks tignan mo na naging cheesy na rin ako~ haha. kiligsss! X)

8MangaMan Jul 5, 2012

Ah yes, the guy with Zoro's voice.  He's pretty important... he also loves mayonnaise.  Great show in my opinion.  Hope you give it more of a shot later.

Oh, yeah it wasn't a key chain, it was the 3 mouth for that annoying girls avatar.  Forgot, soooo long ago XD  Well, it sorta takes an emotional turn for an episode or 2, but completley ignores it once it's past. 

P.S. I'm just pushing your buttons :)

Thrawn Jul 5, 2012

Aww, you're making me blush! I don't even know what to say :3

The serious ones make me feel sophisticated, and for those two, it wouldn't do them justice if I just went at them like some of the others I've done. Still two of my favorite shows, and glad you liked them.

The Popee the Performer one, good times :) It was before the SunGod discipling so it lacks sufficient praise for Papi and a 10 for Characters. But it was real fun to write, and the buddy group for it was truly the best and the only way to stay sane while watching it.

Dario97 Jul 5, 2012

Hey Jair :D Chikko can't reply to you, because his profile is shitty for now T^T He lost everything (anime and manga stats, badges, feed...) Sothis works on fixing of his profile :D Therefore he can't do any actions except moderating in admin section *__* Please be patient, everything will be fine soon and he will be able to talk to you again ;) btw. You can write to him PMs if you have a forum account ^^ Hurray you're watching Gintama

8MangaMan Jul 4, 2012

Thought I had my name somewhere on my profile... or I could be wrong.  Name's Roman.  You can call me that oe Mangaman, I'm fine with either.  

The first episode of Gintama?  The actual first episode is an hour long, but it never happened in the manga.  The hour long one confused me and I thought it was strange, but now that I went back and watched it, it's really funny, you just need to get an understanding of the humor and characters.  

You say you love Sket Dance... but you're only at episode 17?  It hasen't even goten good yet.  Oh wait, it had that arc where the Sket Dan and Student council compete for that key chain.  That was great!

Good to know Sanji will stay your fav!

P.S. Sorry doesn't make up for a month of ignorance...