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Ooh, what do we have here? Looks like someone's actually looking at my profile. Reading my bio. NGAWW!

Call me Jare (as in "Jair", not the way a Japanese person would pronounce it)

A few real-life facts:


I've just been watching anime for about a year, but I'm trying to catch on fast. :D As for my preferences in anime..

My favorite genres would definitely be Comedy with a little bit of Action and Mystery. I detest anything Mecha, and I get a weird feeling in my brain when I see anything Magical Girl-related. ALSOOOO I don't mind Ecchi, Shoujo-ai nor Shoujo-ai. It's not my favourite or anything, but those three can be quite entertaining. :3 But.. this. This manga. My Goodness. One of the most, er, memorable mangas ever. *whispers* WARNING: DON'T READ IT

My favourite character of all time is Sanji. The greatest blacksuit-wearing, lady-loving, ass-kicking (literally) chef ever created. HOLLA IF YOU LOVE HIM TOO.

Sanji Mellorine

I have found other amazing characters now. I'm sorry, Sanji-kun. </3

They are.. all three of the three main characters from Sket Dance.

From left to right:

The wisecracking otaku, Switch,

The Badass Adorable, Himeko,

& Mister-There-are-no-words-to-describe-an-amazing-leader-with-skellz, Bossun.

Do you want to know what really makes Sket Dance so awesome? Check it out for yourself, that's the only way.

Hmm, recently I've taken a small turn for Shoujo. Ouran HSHC in particular.

Tamaki Suoh, the king. isn't he lovely? ^^ he's like a more polite, wealthier, schoolboy, non-smoking, bishounen version of Sanji. AND HE PLAYS THE PIANO.

y-yeah, there's probably a lot that makes them different.


When it comes to manga, I tend to read a lot of One Shots. Because they're.. short. Damn my short attention span. For longer series, I like a mix of Shounen and Seinen.. even though I'm a girl.. but hey, Josei's nice too!


If you actually took the time to read my whole bio, two thumbs up to you. If you leave a message down there, the perpetual smile on my face might just grow a little bigger.

- Jare-chan.


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ItsumoHitori Oct 29, 2011

thanks for the friend invite! Love your taste


LizardLaw974 Sep 3, 2011

Ohhh I hope you have a good sleep~! :3

I am good too ^w^

LizardLaw974 Sep 3, 2011

'ello Jare~! :3 how are you?

Chelsae Aug 25, 2011

Ah.. the Hetalia one? I really want to rewrite it because it's not in the same style as my other reviews and I just don't think it's as good. I also want to review it fairly this time since I wrote it when I'd just watched Hetalia and had decided it was my favourite ! D:

YAY FOR ONE PIECE!!! :D One Piece is amazing it just takes so long to get through it... But I think it's definitely worth it!

And haha! I don't think you're a stalker... xD I think anyway! I'm glad that you found my blogs interesting! :)

Chelsae Aug 24, 2011

Hey!! Thanks for the friend invite ! :)

YAYY for Death Note and Hetalia which are both amazing! ! :D  (I still stay true to my word and say Hetalia is better though.. ¬.¬)

Question! Who do you prefer? Light or L? If you're interested in my opinion, I prefer Light although I still love L! ^_^