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Ooh, what do we have here? Looks like someone's actually looking at my profile. Reading my bio. NGAWW!

Call me Jare (as in "Jair", not the way a Japanese person would pronounce it)

A few real-life facts:


I've just been watching anime for about a year, but I'm trying to catch on fast. :D As for my preferences in anime..

My favorite genres would definitely be Comedy with a little bit of Action and Mystery. I detest anything Mecha, and I get a weird feeling in my brain when I see anything Magical Girl-related. ALSOOOO I don't mind Ecchi, Shoujo-ai nor Shoujo-ai. It's not my favourite or anything, but those three can be quite entertaining. :3 But.. this. This manga. My Goodness. One of the most, er, memorable mangas ever. *whispers* WARNING: DON'T READ IT

My favourite character of all time is Sanji. The greatest blacksuit-wearing, lady-loving, ass-kicking (literally) chef ever created. HOLLA IF YOU LOVE HIM TOO.

Sanji Mellorine

I have found other amazing characters now. I'm sorry, Sanji-kun. </3

They are.. all three of the three main characters from Sket Dance.

From left to right:

The wisecracking otaku, Switch,

The Badass Adorable, Himeko,

& Mister-There-are-no-words-to-describe-an-amazing-leader-with-skellz, Bossun.

Do you want to know what really makes Sket Dance so awesome? Check it out for yourself, that's the only way.

Hmm, recently I've taken a small turn for Shoujo. Ouran HSHC in particular.

Tamaki Suoh, the king. isn't he lovely? ^^ he's like a more polite, wealthier, schoolboy, non-smoking, bishounen version of Sanji. AND HE PLAYS THE PIANO.

y-yeah, there's probably a lot that makes them different.


When it comes to manga, I tend to read a lot of One Shots. Because they're.. short. Damn my short attention span. For longer series, I like a mix of Shounen and Seinen.. even though I'm a girl.. but hey, Josei's nice too!


If you actually took the time to read my whole bio, two thumbs up to you. If you leave a message down there, the perpetual smile on my face might just grow a little bigger.

- Jare-chan.


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8MangaMan Aug 6, 2012

I did buy a few things... around $200 worth actually...  One was a Gintoki figure, one was a Stocking figure, and one was a Kotetsu T. Kaburagi figure...  they all are pretty awesome XD  Also bought sometthing I thought was a Sanji figure but turned out to be one of those things where it's a possibility of 5 different characters... I got the one that's not even important...  

Team Four Star is an abridging group.  You ever heard of Yu-Gi-Oh abridged or Dragon Ball Z abridged?  They do Dragon Ball, and it's hilareous!  

Hmm... Senpai... I like it.  But Momiji!? COME ON!  I know it's a joke but seriously? I may cosplay, but I'm no crossdresser!  There were some though... I went as Kotetsu T. Kaburagi from Tiger & Bunny.  Awesome character, he also has Sanji's Voice Actor so that made me like him more.  

No idea when you left that message so I have no idea if it was afternoon there...  Currently 4:20 AM here...

chikoritaBH Aug 4, 2012

Yes... "j" has the pronunciation like English "y"... Yeah, yeah... our language is really difficult. I can teach you. ^^ Or you can use google translator for the Czech pronunciation. ;-) Yes, chiko has an angel. (You can be the second one if you want xDDD) We speak English. And I sometimes try to use Hungarian. ^^

8MangaMan Aug 2, 2012

Well, theres lots to do.  They have main events like FMV contest, a Masqaraude, Costume Contest, and lot's of other cool things.  Got to see one of my favorite Youtube groups, Team Four Star.  

Yes I dressed up...  WHAT DO YOU MEAN "gasp"!?!?  Is it that strange!?  only about 5% of the people there were not dressed up!  My costume made me quite popular actually, which is something I'm not use to.  Lots of people wanted pictures of me and gave me hugs...  

Vacation?  Where you going?  Hope you have fun on yours...  

Yes, 32 is an annoyingly long number to catch up on, But I'm doing it!

chikoritaBH Aug 2, 2012

Czech: "Ano. Žádný problém. Co chceš slyšet? :D Například věta: 'Miluji tě'. xD"

Slovak: "Áno. Žiadny problém. Čo chceš počuť? :D Napríklad veta: 'Ľúbim ťa.' xD"

Very similar. :D

English translation: "Yes. No problem. What do you want to hear? :D For example the sentence: 'I love you'. xD"

Yeah! I know how to say "I love you" in Hungarian... "Szeretlek." xD

Well... my angel comes from Hungary. Her nick is Tsukiame and you can find her here on A-P... :D And I was in Hungary a month ago. Really nice country.

8MangaMan Aug 1, 2012

SORRY~ for the late as hell reply!  Busy as hell.  Well, kinda.  I went to an anime convention, than I went on vacation, than my college orientation...  The convention was the only fun one.  

You taking an anime break there?  You stalled quite a bit there... maybe I should take a note from your book and not have 32 currently watching shows...  Nah...