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Ooh, what do we have here? Looks like someone's actually looking at my profile. Reading my bio. NGAWW!

Call me Jare (as in "Jair", not the way a Japanese person would pronounce it)

A few real-life facts:


I've just been watching anime for about a year, but I'm trying to catch on fast. :D As for my preferences in anime..

My favorite genres would definitely be Comedy with a little bit of Action and Mystery. I detest anything Mecha, and I get a weird feeling in my brain when I see anything Magical Girl-related. ALSOOOO I don't mind Ecchi, Shoujo-ai nor Shoujo-ai. It's not my favourite or anything, but those three can be quite entertaining. :3 But.. this. This manga. My Goodness. One of the most, er, memorable mangas ever. *whispers* WARNING: DON'T READ IT

My favourite character of all time is Sanji. The greatest blacksuit-wearing, lady-loving, ass-kicking (literally) chef ever created. HOLLA IF YOU LOVE HIM TOO.

Sanji Mellorine

I have found other amazing characters now. I'm sorry, Sanji-kun. </3

They are.. all three of the three main characters from Sket Dance.

From left to right:

The wisecracking otaku, Switch,

The Badass Adorable, Himeko,

& Mister-There-are-no-words-to-describe-an-amazing-leader-with-skellz, Bossun.

Do you want to know what really makes Sket Dance so awesome? Check it out for yourself, that's the only way.

Hmm, recently I've taken a small turn for Shoujo. Ouran HSHC in particular.

Tamaki Suoh, the king. isn't he lovely? ^^ he's like a more polite, wealthier, schoolboy, non-smoking, bishounen version of Sanji. AND HE PLAYS THE PIANO.

y-yeah, there's probably a lot that makes them different.


When it comes to manga, I tend to read a lot of One Shots. Because they're.. short. Damn my short attention span. For longer series, I like a mix of Shounen and Seinen.. even though I'm a girl.. but hey, Josei's nice too!


If you actually took the time to read my whole bio, two thumbs up to you. If you leave a message down there, the perpetual smile on my face might just grow a little bigger.

- Jare-chan.


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TheAngelofDeath says...


Sure thats fine with me. ^__^ if it suits your tastes to have a friend like me that is.

I recommend Clannad if you like Comedy and Slice of Life, as you have already seen from my profile it is literally a life changing Anime. You can't even imagine just how wonderful the show really is until you watch it. It really starts to get emotional during the second season Clannad Afterstory. Ohhhh getting goosebumps from just thinking about it!

Bottom line if you love Comedy and Slice of Life you're going to fall in love with Clannad... *stop speech and looks at Anime list and see's that your already starting to watch Clannad*

ohhhhhhhh..................... well..... then..... nevermind and keep up the good work!!

Cya around.

Dec 22, 2011
jaredcamp83 says...

Hello there jare

Dec 9, 2011
ItsumoHitori says...

well.. other than when I watch other shows I've bought with my friend at his house, since the end of the summer it's been the only thing I've watched, so about 3 months? yeah sounds about right.

yeah definitely, luffy's way better in a fight, but zoro doesn't seem to be too far off him himself, wouldn't you say?

Nov 27, 2011
ItsumoHitori says...

Chopper just joined?(you're probably a bit further than that now haha) i was there a few months ago. good stuff, just hit episode 450! though i watch too much...

anywho... 5 am...

you like sanji? i think he's a great fighter and all but the falling over for every girl bugs me quite a bit

Nov 24, 2011
ItsumoHitori says...

Definitely special, actually gonna rewatch the shows with some mates on the weekend, last saw it in june. me, well I just managed to get my computer to work properly again, so yeah, enjoying that haha.

You love one piece too? How far are you?

Nov 9, 2011