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Just Me Bein ME. hi all The name's Jake.SE its great to be here. i was refered here by a freind and it looks like an alright place. im a nice guy but bad with the ladies kinda ironic since one of my favourite genres is romance. but anyway! i love anime and love to play video games. the video game's i play online are. pokemon,Cod,MH3 and SSBB but my wii wont read discs -.- and my ds wont work with my router. but anyway leave me a comment and ill be sure to get back to you ^_^ peace!

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Aradeid Jul 4, 2012

You don't?

It might be actually possible when you get older

Aradeid Jun 28, 2012

I give "-san" to everyone. Consider it a bad habit. It's not really bad, but it becomes troublesome IRL, because whenever I speak to someone I want to add "-san", but it's pointless since they don't know ANYTHING about Japanese.


Man, my traffic is infinite. It is impossible to totally waste it.

Don't have such a problem.


Aradeid Jun 15, 2012

Hi there, Jake-san. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I'm far from the person I was while speaking with THoD, not sure if it's good or bad.

I don't use this site as a social web anymore, so I can't guarantee you an instant reply as you have seen just now.

Does your hand hurt after keeping it in this position for 6 days? - say I while shaking your hand.

So~... my name is Michael and I'm looking forwrd on spending my infinite internet traffic on you.

jonsonicu64 Jun 29, 2011

sup i made a review cheak it out and put a comment if you want and tell me i did a good review or not