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Apr 7, 2011

Based on Episode 1


What happens when the worlds of cute girls doing cute things, robots, and ridiculous random humor combine? If you guessed Cromartie High or Azumanga Daiou, you are a little off. Nichijou caught me by surprise: with startlingly stupid humor and incredibly well done animation, I found myself wanting more immediately after. Anyone who is easily angered by random and completely trivial humor, this anime is not for you. If you thoroughly enjoy epic battles fought over octopus wieners or girl-like robots with steam powered rocket toes, this is absolutely for you.

When it comes to story, the first episode had... just about none. It seemed like a random assortment of events, some of which were related and others which weren't (reminiscent of Lucky Star and Azumanga). i can commend it for linking them together in such a way that they did not seem tedious. While a few scenes seemed unnecessary, in general it was enjoyable the whole way through.

The animation was stellar. For a series which seems rooted in so many tropes that suggest low production values, Nichijou's first episode had fantastic visuals. The opening was very fluid and crisp, the animation during most scenes was vibrantly colored and motion was perfectly done. There is also one scene (the wiener scene) in which some of the most outrageously awesome action effects I've seen in an anime were used. Although this may sound peculiar, it made the scene all the more hysterical.

Sound was difficult to pick up on in Nichijou's first episode, however close observation reveals that production values in music were also extraordinarily high. With soothing background music like that of most slice of life anime, epic concerto's during the more high voltage scenes, and catchy opening and ending tunes, it's hard not to like Nichijou's soundtrack. The voice acting, though, was a little more standard. Mio, however, (who I assume is the main character) did actually have a very fitting voice for most of the situations and emotions she went through in the episode. I was also pleased that there were a few male characters who made significant appearances as well, adding more variety to the voices.

Finally, the characters. I'd be startled if anyone actually noticed most of them with all of the ludicrous happenings throughout the episode. Aside from the 11 year old scientist and her robot along with the boy who takes a goat to school, most of the characters faded from memory the instant I stopped watching. I am sure that they will all have their own moments as the show goes on, but for now they were more cogs and gears than the machine itself that moved the story forward.

Overall, I can say that Nichijou's first episode shows great promise. Although its viewers maybe split between those who laugh every other minute and those who simply raise an eyebrow and turn it off, it will be a great watch for those in the former party.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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jeffsong Jan 29, 2012

You really should write this review a few months later...after the whole story is over, as I think the latter part is of much more fun than the first. 

Raylord Apr 15, 2011

 hmmmmm yeah doesn't review mean reviewing what thoughts you have had on the while you were watching the RE bit kind of give it away. Just saying ;)

Tom20 Apr 11, 2011

Yeah, I have high thoughts about this one, we'll see. The animation and sound are the best this season.

JainaProudmoore Apr 10, 2011

Duly noted. I guess I just feel like its irritating that reviews for airing anime are so scarce; do I really have to wait until after something's done airing to find a review here or check out another site?That and I'm too noobish to think of using my blog for that.

coffeebreath Apr 9, 2011

don't you think a blog is better suited for a first episode round-up?