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Seracen introduced me to this website and I am happy to have found a good website filled with rabid anime fans lie myself! Lol!

I'm 19, an anime fan of ten years, and a video game fan of almost twelve years now. My father sat me down in front of Mario Brothers, Legend of Zelda, and Final Fantasy when I was young. I intend to do so to my children as well!

Anime to me is a hobby but also another mode of thinking and viewing the world. While I was raised in the USA, I am what you would call an "asian wannabe". I adore the Asian culture through and through and it is my number one dream to work hard at being able to retire in Japan someday.

Far off dream huh??

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jjjjj11 Mar 27, 2008

oh and i also plan on moving to japan when im older

jjjjj11 Mar 27, 2008

Too bad about no live account. If you only play the offline part of games i would recomend Devil May Cry 4, its really fun. Right now im having fun with Call of Duty 4  online, its probly the best online game right next to halo and gears of war.

jjjjj11 Mar 25, 2008

Hi, just discoved your profile, so you like video games? do you play xbox and/or have a live account?

RDarkSchneider Jan 1, 2008

Akemeshite omedetou!

wolfangel87 Dec 19, 2007

Thanks so much for the recommendations!!!!  I will have to give them a try!  ^_^  Anything else let me know about it!!!