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To be honest, I've never been good at talking about myself. I love anime, I've become addicted to it over the last few years. But at least this addiction doesn't destroy any organs, it only distorts my view of reality. I enjoy romance anime the most, they make me smile. I'm a loser, I know. I'm a total nerd, enjoying MMO's and RPG's. I make friends easily and trust easily, too. If you'd like to know more then I guess talk to me?

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wanerness Jan 8, 2010

Haha lol those anime dvds i gt 4 xmas were mainly subs the only prob is there terrible subs, some are hard to understand n most move 2 quickly u dnt gt enough time to read em b4 they go off in fact often the person is still talkin when the subs go off so its so hard keepin up, and the one tht has a dub is S-Cry-Ed n the dub on it is terrible i dnt know were they found the voice actors from but im struggling to even find 1 good actor so im a bit annoyed lol.

In future i know not to gt dvds that are imports from Malaysia unless u cn read super fast n gt wot the subs mean some o the time lol i so nearly gt Code Geass R2 as an import from Malaysia which if the subs r as bad as the others it wud o ruined the series 4 me. lol n the snow here is gettin annoyin as well n they say weve gt more to come lol

wanerness Jan 6, 2010

Ye i wasn't sure if he loved her as a sister or something more. Ye i started replayin Majoras mask n started 2 complete the Woodfall dungeon gt quite far thn remembered u need the Bunny Hood mask 2 do 1 bit n u av 2 wait until day 3 to gt that which means i wnt have much time to complete it before the moon decides 2 drop n kill us all lol. Ye tht was the most annoying bit the whole everything restarts n tht u have to kp goin bk n forsth 2 gt all the masks bt i did like the idea o bein able 2 transform.

Ye 07 Ghost was good its a bit hard to understand at times but i think the next series will gt much better plus theres the whole Shounen-Ai hints between the 2 main characters there supposed to be friends but it hints at more which apparently puts some ppl off but it didnt bother me, its defo worth a watch if u have time (if you need a site u cn watch it on ive gt 1 jus let me know or if you prefer to dwnload your eps i know somewhere as well)

I gt what you mean about terrible dubs just look at Naruto he was so crap n anoyin n wudnt stop sayin Believe It every time he spoke, i do tend to like subs cuz u gt the whole story unedited with the swearing n stuff like in 07 Ghost i think the dub would cut out the hints tht the 2 of them are more thn friends so u dnt gt the true story. sayin tht i do enjoy some dubs like Nadesico, Evangelion and Code Geass as sometimes the subs u gt are so unwieldly like funny colours so u cnt read it n stuff plus when i 1st watched Anime i could keep up with subs (dnt have a problem nw in fact sometimes im much quicker thn the subs) although sayin i dnt like sum dubs i watched the 1st 2 eps of Full Metal Alchemist wiv subs the other day n i have to say the voice of the 1 who's stuck in the armour (dnt know the names well yt) has such an annoyin voice its really put me off a bit. i mite try the dub of it but tht mite nt be any better and plus i like the voice o the other lad (Its the same voice as Hitsugaya Toshiro from Bleach). I guess it depends if im in the mood for reading subtitles or not cuz sometimes u put it on n thn tidy ur room up or summat but if its subs uve gotta always look or u dnt know what ther saying.

wanerness Jan 6, 2010

Well as much as the whole 3 days till the world ends was annoying i liked the idea of majoras mask it was great to be able to play as a Zora and a Goron not so fun as a Deku Shrub and it was possibly because it was the 1st one i completed (well i had completed some GB 1s) because when i got my N64 i gt both Zeldas and id played on Ocarina at my m8s so i was keen to crack open the newest installment.

Ye i like Lelouch even if he was a bit psychotic n i always wanted him to win up until the point with Euphemia and she was so bril i thought he cnt kill her, thn it could have all gone so well if not for the mixup with the Geass tht gt her killing the Japanese tht was such a sad twist as you'd really grown to love her and you knew it would tear the friends apart and hurt Nanaly, however it was such a good twist i was hooked, i hear this 3rd series might not have Lelouch in it and im excited about it but at the same time i agree with you i hope it doesn't kill the series as tht would b far worse than no sequel. I so need to gt series 2 tho having watched the 1st series with the English voice cast and being used to them (some of my fave voice actors and actresses are in it like Megan Hollingshead) i kinda wana stick to the dub for series 2 but i can only find the subbed versions which i wouldn't mind but u gt used to the voice cast and it doesn't feel right to change if you gt me.

Im just finishing off 07 Ghost now which was recomended to me and then im moving onto S-Cry-Ed (I gt so much Anime for Xmas ive got alot to watch) Ye Evangelion is bril i cnt wait for the rebuild with the English Dub as the original Shinji and Misato are bk which will be amazing and thts the voices i know and love its just a shame there isnt more of the original cast it annoys me when they change voice actors part way through (Like Mai in Yu-Gi-Oh she was voiced by Megan Hollingshead then they changed her to sum actor with a country accent which didn't even fit in with how Mai had sounded previously it didnt really fit the character if you gt me)

wanerness Jan 6, 2010

Hey first comment :) how are you? i saw your rec for Death Note and Code Geass and thought id stop by n say hi, Ive just finished watching Code Geass thought didn't realise there was a 2nd series lol i even hear there are plans for a 3rd series this year which should be good, its a good storyline but your torn as to what side you take as both are in the wrong and as much as he's the lead Lelouches methods and actions r borderline crazy its weird to have an anti-hero when your so used to heroes lol