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May 18, 2011

Kamui, a boy with powerful but undefined superpowers returns to Tokyo and finds out he is being watched.  He doesn't know why his mother told him to get "The Sword of Heaven" he just wants to get it and be left alone.  He soon finds out that he is being spied on by people which understandably pisses him off and makes him want to kill them.

Eventually in his quest to get The Sword of Heaven he meets a mystic "Dreamseer" who sees the future, but strategicly only tells him enough to keep him in a pissy mood and mantain his destinty of saving the earth and becoming the 7th seal, or "Dragon of Heaven."  He meets 7 Others who have also been told about the dreamseer's prophesy and they try to convince him to listen to the princess, but she doesnt tell him what to do only that he has a fate which she has seen in her dreams.   Kamui doesnt care about anything though, he just wants people to stop spying on him and get the sword his mother told him about. He will only complain about how difficult it is to choose thereby inevatably fufilling the "Dreamseers" prophesy.

Will Kamui become intrested in what people have prophesized and take an active role in battling the "Dragons of Earth," fated to oppose the "Dragons of Heaven?"
Or will he sit back and cry as the other 6 Dragons of Heaven use their superpowers to battle random badguys from their own pasts? ----To give you a hint, its the later-----

Good Parts

Well animated, i liked the drawings, the angel wings, swords and the sharpness of pictures.  Also, there is a cool mystic story line that is particualrly evident in the earlier episodes which loses its consistancy and becomes relatively scattered by the middle and end.

The bad....

This anime started off kind of cool, got REALLY boring/lame and ended horribly

The main character Kamui acted like a bitch for the whole series. I felt very little attachment to him or any other characters as the series progressed (with the exception of Sorata.) Kamui didnt really care about the plot, so I didnt either.  He was a total miss at being badass, simply acting like his life was hard but doing nothing - a typical teenage aditude that i did not need to watch anime to experiance.

I couldnt even tell you about the plot because it was so lacking and all over the place.  The only thing common to the story was that everyone had a destiny and wanted to save someone they loved, a theme which got VERY old as it appeared time after time (acompanied by lengthy periods of melodramatic dialogue/crying). 

Kamui wasn't someone who started afraid and became cool as I was hoping.  He was just indiffrent throughout and whiney about the fact that he constantly failed to take action, which is frusturing as hell to watch.  He starts off a brat and makes little development.  As far as other characters, they did not really develop either. Each had about one episode about their past in which the rest of the plot was nowhere to be found.  If a characters  main episode was boring (which it more often than not was) you'd find yourself questioning weather the series was worth continuing.   The characters rarely faught together despite the fact that they were "Dragons of Heaven" fated to save the world.  I guess it doesn't really matter if your fate is your fate, but they could have saved alot of crying by actually working together.  There was so much skiping around between characters and story nuances though that there was no time to show the characters acting together.  On top of everything, there was no consistancy or explanation to the superpowers each character had which was just one more reason it was hard to like any of them.

*spoiler*  Especially Kamui who dies like a bitch at the end.  I was totally expecting at least one badass superpower/swordfight to conclude, but once again I was disapointd with Kamui's secret plan was to get stabbed.  There was nothing special there that they hadn't done in the other 25 episodes. */spoiler*

With few characters to love, shallow themes to follow, and very little unique content, I would advise against watching more than 5 episodes of this anime unless you have nothing else to watch. This anime left me mad. I give it a  5/10, earning 5 points only because of the first few episodes and Sorata.

4/10 story
8/10 animation
3/10 sound
3/10 characters
5/10 overall
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