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6. Death Note

Really smart show. Very memorable characters. The only show I've seen that uses so much brains is Higurashi (though in a different way). Despite the ranking, this is about tied with Hunter X Hunter (due to Death Note being good almost all the time while HXH has ups and downs though HXH at its prime is one of my favorites).

7. Slayer

I dunno what it is about Slayers, but it's joyful in my opinion. There are probably a few animes below this on my list that are "better," but to me it's just filled with a charm of its own; a fine wine that gets tastier every visit.

I like Slayers from most to least: Next, Try, and then regular. Even regular was awesome. The show's funny, the characters memorable, and it's just got an overall epic feel to it.

8. Digimon Tamers

Again, maybe there are better shows below this one. But like Slayers, it's still a good show (even if I rated based on quality, it would still be in my top 15). There are those who would dismiss Digimon as nonsense. Remove this concept.

Digimon Tamers isn't the darkest show in the world (any show that dark is too much for this lover of white coffee...), but the show's gritty where it counts. There's almost two or three scenes where emotions have power. Other than that, it's straight brutal truth. Evolutions get complicated. Characters get changed. The world just plain isn't nice. Almost every innovative concept for Digimon was thrust into this season.

9. Code Geass

It's not quite as intelligent all-the-damn-time like Death Note is, but it is still quite an intelligent show in its own way. The premise is a simple empire vs rebellion scenario. Of course, defeating an empire isn't easy, and there will always be sacrifices. Code Geass could've gone the route of a standard hack-n-slack mech anime, but it didn't.

Lelouch is one of my favorite characters. Probably in my top 10 (which I probably wouldn't put L or Light in. Maybe top 20). The roller coaster that is his character is what makes the show so interesting.

10. Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Just like a lot of the above, it hits where it counts: characters. The filler are funny, and the action is awesome (especially Gokudera VS Belphegor, one of my favorite fights ever. I could feel the "Oh shit!"). And with such a crazy cast of characters, there's no way you won't be amused. It's the universal humor of absurdity.

11. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

What's the appeal of this show? Fuck if I know. Ask anyone why they like this show. You may get a few Kamina fanboys here and there, but in my opinion, liking this show goes beyond logic, something universally imprinted in the human psyche. I just think it's a magical factor that this show has that no one can explain. That makes it unique, in my opinion.

12. Welcome to the NHK

This is truly one of the few shows where I'll HAVE to watch the next episode. That's how the show works. You can't watch one episode. Try it. You'll be lying awake at night rolling this way and that. Even if I like Higurashi better than this show, I can at least quit whenever I want. This show just magnetizes your ass to your chair.

It's filled with quirky characters and interesting psychology. This delves into the life of a Hikkikomori, which is surprisingly interesting.

13. Clannad

Funny show. Definitely worth checking out, if only for one episode. It's got quirks bouncing off of the walls. This is definitely one of the most entertaining shows I've seen in a while. But there's already enough stuff on it. Go watch for yourself.

14. Tenchi series

My first harem anime, and probably still one of my favorites. This show was just so full of interesting conflicts, superpowers, and the best spaceship designs I've ever seen! The art's a blend of Shintoism and sci-fi. The fights IMO are very nice even if they usually last for only a little bit. With half a dozen alien women in one household with a regular guy that turns out to be god, where can you go wrong?

15. Full Metal Alchemist

TV Asashi called this the best anime of all time. I wouldn't go that far, but this is definitely a very nice change of pace from typical shonen. Mysteries, science, and other neat elements are added in order to make a unique universe. If it were longer, it would probably be higher, but alas, it isn't.


I like teh anime. Teh anime is teh awesome. But that should be obvious since I'm on anime planet.

Lemme see... stuff to talk about?

Some people get addicted to crack. Others alcohol. And others still sex. I'm pretty much like that but with anime.

Okay. Maybe I wouldn't go that far. But anime's truly an awesome medium. I like everything from books to movies to video games and all that jizzle jazzle, but anime's always important. It's one of the few mediums where it is not only possible, but commonplace to get attached to characters for long periods of time. It also helps that the Japanese know how to make quirky characters.

It also helps that openings and endings often have a quality feel to them. I'd like to see that more with TV series. Wouldn't it be cool to broaden your horizons when watching sitcoms, dramas, and sci-fi series as far as music goes?

What else can I say? My avatar's from Umineko, my current favorite visual novel. It's Kanon wielding a "hatchet." That was probably one of the coolest scenes in the entire visual novel. Seeing a shy guy like him pull a180 before he died was awesome. And he went down fighting. Even better. That made him my favorite servant in Umineko.

In addition to the above-mentioned, I also enjoy writing. I cant always do it though because writing requires for some people to be "in the zone." However, after all my crazy senior project stuff's done, I'll be sure to work on it. Doug and I plan on turning it into an actual visual novel when I get done, so look forward to it!... in three or ten years.

In conclusion, watch One Piece and Higurashi. And if you think there's something much better than these two, drop me a recommendation, though I seriously doubt anything'll beat these two anytime soon.

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