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Signas Jun 3, 2009

Oh! Thank you for your kind words (and sorry for the late reply)

If you need recommendations or such, just tell me. I'm more than happy to help you out =)

sahilms May 31, 2009

Soul eater is awesome! :p on my 10th ep and im lovin it.. the animation completely different from what ive seen.. Id say its a really good rec for bleach...

hmm ive not seen a single dub of code geass i wonder what that would be like...The last ep will make you remember it for a while...

Gantz?? lol that show is dark to the core!!the display image makes it look like the dudes are experienced and can handle anything but in the show no one is prepared for anything total gore death and more violence..! Thinkin about it creeps me out but thats why i like it lol :P

watch somethin happy lol that show will ruin your day.. suzumiya haruhi is good.. the first ep is a little bother but its really funny its not about romance and that kind of stuf..

sahilms May 31, 2009

Np thats how it is here :p everyone is already friends with each other cuz of the similar interests. Nice top 5 btw.. finished code geass on monday it was awesome the ending changed everything you would think about him..

sahilms May 29, 2009

Hey welcome to AP! Nice top 5

Signas May 29, 2009

Welcome to A-P!

Enjoy your stay :D