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Name's Jeffrey. Top genres and lists pretty much explain my tastes in anime. If you have any suggestions or something I'm always open to them.

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Tseng Jul 11, 2009

Hmmm, I haven't been here since all the new updates to the site.  Guess I'll catch up on all the new upgrades.  Thanks for the comment.

kyuuketsukii Jun 11, 2009

Just thought i'd let you know you have some great anime on your wont watch list, you  wont know alot from just reading reading their summaries and looking at their pictures, you have a decent top 5, kaze no stigma and clannad are great.


talooshy2 Jun 11, 2009

I just gotta ask you...

Why won't you watch so many animes?

I'm really curious..O_O

s3an2k8 Apr 11, 2009

i dont really like horror so it doesn't look like somthing i'd watch

XBIOSX Apr 10, 2009

No problem, I hope you give it a chance XD.

thanks for all the recommendations I really appreciate it, now I have a big anime list to watch (at least I won't run out of things to watch anytime soon LOL).