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I think there are so many options that was hard for you to adopt the single where did you know those types of things now but it's a funny thing when I first thought about it I thought about it for a couple years and was quite sure what having you to take I knew there were I lawyers that you could all go to original cool and I know the agency's I did and I sort of just sat back and said I'mgonna wait for Assigned I'm not particularly religious person but I just felt like was going to tell me content and happy yes the thing that when we discussed it on Larry king we were talking at CNN I think that you just kind of get that feeling that intuition that that new mothers intuition and Safer Colon  you know where to go we know there are millions have single moms there remains a single parent her parents out there watching right now what advice would you give them well I say that that now particular the Internet all the things that are having their places you can you can go to adoption you can find ways there has lots if you have a child that you're going to want to I put up for adoption go to those places make the arrangements beforehand you know don't wait and worry the whole time make the arrangements make the adjustment yeah some people are afraid of adoption a didn't they look at it as being scary was it scary for you it wasn't as in all scary in the moment that child was in my arms I knew she was mine know and that was it there was no period for me anyway of adjustment or....

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