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I've stumbled on Anime-Planet since its early days and sadly, I was mostly absent through its developing/growing stages. I'm back and trying to be as active as I can. No promises tho :p

Anyway, about this old coot. I'm not as old as everyone makes it to be although I already feel that I am. I'm a senior here at NJIT and anime/manga has always been a long time hobby of mine along with photography. I enjoy a wide variety of genre from all action mecha to bleeding sappy romance :p Haven't had that much time to watch anime so I've been reading up on manga instead and it's quite enjoyable as watching anime.

Well this it for this bio for now. Can't think of anything else to put here. I can't even fill up the top 5 since my old noggin is still missing it's early morning chocolate milk. I'll try to keep it short next time :]

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sothis Sep 13, 2007

Good to see you back, JETC. ^_^ And thanks for the kind words. Put up an avatar, btw! :D

OneiChan Sep 6, 2007

How great that you came back per my comment... FTW!!! So, you are a member from way back, eh? I'm only a member from a few months back, but everyday this site changes a little and becomes better. Not that I didn't think it was great to begin with though :p Anyways, I am a rambler... so I'll try not to leave a super-huge comment again. But it's great that you have found your way back here :D 

OneiChan Sep 5, 2007

I followed one of your recommendations to your profile. You described Steel Angel Kurumi as 'ecchi-rific' Hahaha. Well, it certainly did have some nice fanservice in it. Your recs are really good, but it looks like maybe you have become inactive on the site... seeing as you have no bio or anime lists.... but hey, if you come back around I did the entries for Steel Angel Kurumi Encore, 2, and Zero... though I wouldnt suggest that even the biggest of SAK fans watch Zero.