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about me

Hi there,

My last bio was way too long and boring, so I decided to write a new one. Here it goes:

I'm a lazy computer nerd, who has been hooked up to anime since 2006. Well, I did watch some anime as a kid, but later due to various circumstances I came to think badly of anime. Thankfully even later on I came across some good anime (Vampire Princess Miyu that was on TV back then got me really intrigued and a friend lent me a copy of Cowboy Bebop, GiTS and NGE). Most of all I like slice-of-life shows, but I'll watch anything as long as it has interesting story or some other values. However I tend to not like echii, I avoid anime based on glage and I'm not too fond of harem series.

As I mentioned, I'm a computer geek, thus my hobby is programing (and everything related).

Aside from anime I like :

- good music (somehow I find myself listening to music from games and anime); lately I'm listening a lot to SONODA Band and YMO

- cRPGs (mostly jRPGs but not only)

- MMOs (until they bore me); currently back to playing Granado Espada...

- good books (I enjoyed the most books by A. Christie, A.Dumas and J.R.R.Tolkien)

I speak Polish, English und ein bisshien Deutsch (I have learned French for 3 years, but "Je ne parle pas francais.").

I'm currently learning Japanese and I would like to learn Korean.

My ratings system :

0 stars - unrated, can't rate it right since I saw it too long ago (or haven't seen enough episodes)

0.5-1.5 star - some crap

2 stars - rather bad or had major flaws

2.5 stars - mediocre or had some notable flaws

3 stars - mediocre, but had some enjoyable parts

3.5 stars - probably enjoyable

4-5 stars - good stuff

P.S. If you find typos in my recommendations please leave me a comment!

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Somwhere in the very middle of Europe ^_^

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HasseRovdjur avatar HasseRovdjur

Thanks! ^_^

Mar 18, 2012

It's from the cover of a Touhou doujin – the third and last in the Udongein vs. Remilia series to be precise – by imizu. Highly recommended if you like violence and stuff.

AirCommodore avatar AirCommodore

You Rock!

Mar 15, 2012

Bro, I was just digging through the manga help needed subforum, and you've got oodles of old submissions in there that you can clear out now.

ThePatches avatar ThePatches


Feb 8, 2012

Thanks for your input on Kaibutsu Oujo. I think Kira and I worked on those submissions based on the anime.

I can't speak to the relations, but here's my feeling on the descriptions: Unless the anime and manga versions are noticeably different (as in, the descriptions actively don't apply to the character in the manga). I lean towards leaving them as is. If they're actively different, you'll need to submit a second description for the character in the manga.

roriconfan avatar roriconfan


Jan 21, 2012

No there is only one me and ten troll accounts by others who just try to take away some of my glory

roriconfan avatar roriconfan


Jan 21, 2012

Don't get this wrong but I don't remember your nick XD

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