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Hi there,

My last bio was way too long and boring, so I decided to write a new one. Here it goes:

I'm a lazy computer nerd, who has been hooked up to anime since 2006. Well, I did watch some anime as a kid, but later due to various circumstances I came to think badly of anime. Thankfully even later on I came across some good anime (Vampire Princess Miyu that was on TV back then got me really intrigued and a friend lent me a copy of Cowboy Bebop, GiTS and NGE). Most of all I like slice-of-life shows, but I'll watch anything as long as it has interesting story or some other values. However I tend to not like echii, I avoid anime based on glage and I'm not too fond of harem series.

As I mentioned, I'm a computer geek, thus my hobby is programing (and everything related).

Aside from anime I like :

- good music (somehow I find myself listening to music from games and anime); lately I'm listening a lot to SONODA Band and YMO

- cRPGs (mostly jRPGs but not only)

- MMOs (until they bore me); currently back to playing Granado Espada...

- good books (I enjoyed the most books by A. Christie, A.Dumas and J.R.R.Tolkien)

I speak Polish, English und ein bisshien Deutsch (I have learned French for 3 years, but "Je ne parle pas francais.").

I'm currently learning Japanese and I would like to learn Korean.

My ratings system :

0 stars - unrated, can't rate it right since I saw it too long ago (or haven't seen enough episodes)

0.5-1.5 star - some crap

2 stars - rather bad or had major flaws

2.5 stars - mediocre or had some notable flaws

3 stars - mediocre, but had some enjoyable parts

3.5 stars - probably enjoyable

4-5 stars - good stuff

P.S. If you find typos in my recommendations please leave me a comment!

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fizrox says...


Jak mnie znalazles? :P Co do mojej top5.. dluga historia :P Widze ze  wlasnie minal Ci rok na ap, gratulacje :)

Studia... taa.. pewnie zaczne :P Dalej jestem w szoku wiec tak chaotycznie pisze :)


P.S. uwazam ze  ost do Wolf's Rain jest lepszy niz do CB ;p 

Jul 10, 2008
cassiesheepgirl says...

:) Thanks.

Yes it was from the Zetsubou Channel episode, I love that series!  So random and I adore the style! I can't wait for the manga to be released, even if I have to import it from America :)

Jul 10, 2008
bvincent says...

thanks , yeah scrapped princess i was worried was gonna kill off its lead at the end , which is something i didnt want and it didnt happen and i think it made the ending better for that. what anime is your avatar?

Jul 8, 2008
Tachikoma says...

it isnt from the manga, its a  fan re-write of a few jokes by comedian mitch hedberg.

if u want the original email me and i'll send you some strips

*[email protected]

Jul 5, 2008
bngeek says...

I'm hoping to watch your 1# anime soon as it seems quite interesting.

Jul 4, 2008