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Jun 19, 2012

It was fun for most part, though the angst part was not. The way the angst part got resolved seemed cheap. The craziness reminded me a lot of FLCL. Anyone else noticed NGE reference in the last episode? There was plenty more references through the series, but somehow I already forgot most of them. It seems my review this time does not have a proper form, let me fix that a bit (though I can't guarantee it's not going to be vague).

Story: Romance story between a guy in his twenties and teenage twin girls. This one takes a strange turn, because there isn't any angst on the guy's part nor the girls' part caused by the fact that there is 3 of them. They seem to be perfectly fine with being in this love triangle. I kind of like when the characters in romance series simply enjoy spending time together with their loved ones and this series actually delivered a bit of that. Nonetheless there was some angst in the series somewhere towards the end and it wasn't all that great. Did I mention that storytelling and comedy was totally crazy? No? Well, it is. Think the likes of FLCL. The series ends with a status quo, but it's different here from many other series. In romance series and many harem ones, status quo endings mean that characters' relationships haven't got anywhere. However if those relationships got somewhere before the series ended and that series has a status quo ending can be actually good in it's own right. I mean if characters reached a happy conclusion halfway through the series, status quo ending means it's just going to continue.

Animation: Nothing mind blowing here. I'd say it was ok, but the design of many female leads was so-so and had that galge feel to it.

Sound: Voice acting was ok, but the BGMs were really good (at least most of them).

Characters: Aside from Rentarou and the twins no other character had any big role, so everything just revolved around the main triangle. Those three were pretty fun to watch. Rentarou is an improvement over many shounen and even senien male leads, though my opinion of him went a little bit down during the angst part of the series (he spent a whole episode thinking of "what if"s and feeling down instead of doing everything he can to stay together with his loved ones and there was also the fact that he was too willing to let go of them). When I was watching the series I though the twins were ok, but now, shortly after finishing it, I can't really say much about them (seems they're not all that memorable characters).

Overall: The first part of the series deserves an 8, but due to the later angst part I had to lower it to 7 (the ending was still good though). So, was it worth watching? It sure was.

Sorry if my review isn't very coherent, I guess I'm too sleepy right now to write it properly.

6/10 story
6.5/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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