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Thoughts on: Onihime VS

10 FEB

While the story does have some potential, make no mistake Onihime VS is a run of the mill harem series (with a wimpy male lead). What's worse it does... read more

Unbalance x 2 afterthoughts

31 JAN

So I finished reading Unbalance x 2. Most of it was good, but the drama started getting on my nerves towards the end and the last few chapters were s... read more

First impression: Unbalance x 2

30 JAN

Here is a summary of what I can tell about Unbalance x 2 based on the first 4 volumes (in case you don't want to read my whole post): Lots of drama ... read more

Ga-rei... why, oh WHY?!

25 JAN

I just finished reading Ga-rei and I must say I'm totally disappointed. The manga starts of as a decent (though somewhat generic) shounen. Boy meets ... read more

Kaibutsu Oujo rant part 2

22 JAN

Out of boredom I just watched the third Kaibutsu Oujo OVA and thus finished watching the OVA series (though I wouldn't be surprised if more of those ... read more