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Why dropped: Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha

26 JUN

I've came across a summary of the novels and it was making it quite clear that there is going to be borderline H stuff in Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha. ... read more

It's going to be porn

25 JAN

So I read the first 3 chapters of Shishunki na Adam and it was somewhat fishy already, but after having a look into the light novels I can tell you f... read more

About Gou-Dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora

25 JAN

It starts as a manga with dirty humor that is actually funny. But the main gag gets repeated way too many times and why is it always the male lead wh... read more

Same s*** over and over again

20 OCT

I skimmed through the raws of Yankee Figure and found out that it's awfully repetitive. The first two translated chapters made it look like it had som... read more

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Hataraku Maousama! - It's about a demon lord who gets sent from a fantasy world to modern world japan. Being who he is, he aims to take over the worl... read more