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filter: November 2011  

Thoughts on Full Metal Panic! Sigma

30 NOV

Back when I watched FMP anime I thought it was great. When I watched TSR I thought it was even better. When I tried to rewatch the first season I fou... read more


29 NOV

I heard great things about manga titled Onani Master Kurosawa (despite the fact that the plot sounds sick). However I can't help but feel disgusted wi... read more

Further thoughts on Medaka Box

27 NOV

I'm disappointed. The first 15 chapters were great, but the story turns into crap. It was fun when the characters were solving problems of various st... read more

Thoughts on Medaka Box

26 NOV

Medaka Box, reminds me a lot of many decent manga\light novels which have I read. First of all Medaka Kurokami has a very similar personality to... read more

Sora no Manimani afterthoughts

23 NOV

Sora no Manimani turned out to be a decent slice of life series. Many people would probably find it boring, but I like slice of life anime, so I ende... read more