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Freezing round 2 and Dal-Young IM

24 FEB

During my first attempt to read Freezing I found the plot uninteresting and the story poorly written. I thought it was so bad that I dropped reading it after just a few pages. Some other day I found myself bored enough to try read Freezing again. Here is a little summary:

Earth is attacked by some monsters\aliens called Nova (those guys look strangely similar to the enemies in RahXephon). Earth's only line of defense are high-school aged girls with special powers who are called Pandora. For some reason those girls psychopathic b****** have te urge to beat the s*** out of each other (more like ganging up on a certain antisocial girl). The reasons for those fights are really stupid, there is killing intent and the one girl who is constantly attacked is always held responsible. Apparently Pandoras can achieve their full potential once they pair up with a slightly younger guy. Such guy will be called Limiter. The only part of the first 10 chapters that is worth mentioning is the fact that the bullied girl (whose name is Satellizer), finds herself a boy whom she wants to be her Limiter (and also gets a crush on him). That guy, despite being a wimp among wimps, can occasionally do something manly. Yet those acts of manliness seem out of character (he just does them out of blue and there isn't much character development) and they still get averted (i.e. the guy in question faints after punching a bad guy, on another occasion when he was trying to hit someone in the face, he ended up being hit himself).

After those 10 chapters the story doesn't improve much, but the storytelling does. The manga continues with meaningless fights for a few more chapters, but those start to be enjoyable. Somewhere around this point it I started wondering, if perhaps Dal-Young IM started ripping off Claymore. When the story moves to an actual fight against the invaders (Nova) the resemblance become even more evident. But right after that arc, the style moves in a completely different direction. Lets say Satellizer has to face her past, there is major drama and a character who was designed to be hated. But I don't feel like writing the whole story here.

My point was that, this manhwa begins bad, but gets better later on (though nothing mind blowing). It should be mentioned that Dal-Young IM has some sick obsessions and he couldn't help but include those in Freezing as well.

Hmmm... I wanted to rant about Freezing and Dal-Young IM and his other works, but I actually forgot what I wanted to write. **sigh**

Oh well, in that case, I'll keep it short. I tried to read two other manhwa by Dal-Young IM: Re:Birth - The Lunatic Taker and Aflame Inferno. However, I had enough of this guy's style and dropped them after a chapter or two. Besides Re:Birth is one of those deathmatch mangas were random people are pitted against each other and made to kill each other. Somehow I don't like those. On the plus side they appeared to be written better than the early Freezing chapters. I also dropped Onihime VS after reading chapter 20. For some reason I wanted to like that manhwa, but I couldn't make myself do so. After dropping it because of that horrible first chapter I gave it another chance, but chapter 20 made me realize that it was a mistake. And I even had my hopes hight after chapter 19 which seemed to take things into an interesting direction. But I'm being very vague here, let me fix that. What was so bad about chapter 20 you ask? Ecchi. Sure this was to be expected from a sick guy like Dal-Young IM, but usually he combines that with some half-decent drama, however not in this case. What was good about chapter 19? Hina turned into an actual Oni.

Right, I almost forgot, my one last Freezing rant: Why do all of the female characters have to look the same...

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