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Unbalance x 2 afterthoughts

31 JAN

So I finished reading Unbalance x 2. Most of it was good, but the drama started getting on my nerves towards the end and the last few chapters were so so. When the manhwa started feeling like they were dragging on, a rushed ending came out of blue (I heard there was a hiatus). Another complain I could have about this manhwa, is that most secondary characters end up being underdeveloped. Once a character served it's purpose, the author almost forget about him or her. My previous post about Unbalance x 2 holds true for the rest of the manhwa, maybe except for the harem part. The manhwa never develops into a harem one, but you do get the harem feel in the later chapters. This impression is only strengthened by the fact that the author does nothing with remaining characters (and some of them had feelings for some of the harem girls).

So in general, the manhwa was good, it's just the last volume that was so so...

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